Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Fortune

Sorry, not talking money, but rather COOKIES!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the ever entertaining Lauren of "...all the GOOD blog names were taken" (see blog list to the right) has some amazing and ...well, entertaining, things on her site. If you've never been there,! Make a cuppa, sit back and prepare to laugh.

Today while seriously procrastinating about finishing my translation for the Coptic Dialects class, I came across this wonderful site via Lauren's blog: "Miss Fortune's Cookies" at the same place where I got my super cool title...

If you go here, enter the requested info, and press the magic button, you too will get a fabulous fortune, not like those weird ones you find in fortune cookies at Chinese restraurants nowadays!

My fortune for the day is:
Never try to tapdance with parrots on a shrub.

I, personally, think that this is excellent advice for a number of reasons, all of which you can probably work out for yourself!

Well, that said I have to go and procrastinate some more. In the spirit of great procrastination, I may come back later and post a pic of another Elite Challenge card...or I may just procrastinate about that too...... :)

Have a great day


Nikki Bond said...

Tooo funny! Belive me girl...I'm the queen of procrastination (did I spell that right?!) I sooo need to organize some photos to scrap...and I keep putting it off till tomorrow...well a month of tomorrows gone and I still havn't done it! LOL As for my fortune...I thought I'd share:
Do not put your wellington boots in the refrigerator - the fairy cake is raging. What a hoot! That page is tooo funny! Thanks for the laugh today Kristie! {SMILES}

trashalou said...

I once had dealings with an care home where the Social Services Inspection report spoke of passing a resident's door to see the old lady inside balancing teacups on her shoulders! The bedridden 70something year old!!! So I am right up there taking onboard your fortune/advice!

lauren said...

amazin' coincidence #742: apparently we've both got the procrastination* gene, it seems!!! sorry if i am inadvertently enabling you! tho that fortune cookie thingie WAS really fun, wasn't it? and hey, without that advice, you might well--as so many of us have, to our detriment--blundered into the parrotty shrub-tapping lifestyle...which is VERY VERY hard on the tap shoes! (and not particularly great for shrubs, either!!!)

*if the ancient copts have waited THIS LONG for their translation...a few more hours won't matter TOO much, surely?! :)


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