Friday, June 27, 2008

Due to popular demand....

...well Lauren asked and she's pretty's a picture of Madonna and I, taken by the supremely talented Thomas, aged 4. I'm the freckly one on the left, Mad is the gorgeous one on the right. Hard to believe we're really sisters, isn't it? There's this weird genetic glitch in our family...there are five of us and Mad, our sister Anna and our brother Scott are all very similar - dark hair, olive skin, hazel/green eyes. Mad's twin brother Shaun and I are very alike...I have had complete strangers ask me if I'm his sister...LOL. We both have fairer colouring and brown eyes...and freckles! However, I'm the only one with super fine straight not fair God (if you're listening...or blog hopping) and as you can see in this pic, I'm badly in need of a haircut. My excuse is that I'm an "academic" and we are so busy thinking about the "important" things that we are allowed to forget about stuff like haircuts...and buying groceries....reminder to self - must go shopping tomorrow!!!!
So there you go fellow bloggers....this is what I look like...sans make-up and all (academic remember...we disdain such trivial matters LOL). It's actually a little scary putting this out there....with no picture on my profile I maintain some measure of anonymity, but now.....complete strangers might come up to me in the shops and say..."Oh you're that crazy chick I saw on the internet"...well you never know do you?

If I haven't scarred you for life, come back tomorrow and I'll get back to what this blog is really about...craft!! I still haven't finished the green ribbon box and I am going to post a pic and get some suggestions as to what it's lacking/in need of from the talented and generous people who deign to visit my humble innerwebz abode.

Have a great day,



Nikki Bond said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your sister! Thanks so much for I'll be able to put a face with your name! {wink} Have a GREAT weekend! {SMILES}

Madonna said...

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?????!!!!!! I am NOT LOL'ing!!! :-P

Anonymous said...

Glad I can put a face to the name. Funny that I put a pic of myself up today!! You may have no make up but I've got no make up AND dirty clothes. Hey, we the genuine articles. And Madonna you're alway gorgeous!!! XXX

lauren said...

ooooooooooh! THAT THOMAS! he is a talented lad...o'course...when one is photographin' SUPERMODELS it's not *quite* as hard to get such a FAB pic!!!! well, o'course i already knew you waz BEAUTIFUL...but now i can see that you are also tremendously pretty too!

freaky coincidences 825 & 826: (i've lost count!) we are both freckly...with super-fine hair...AND have siblings who look a lot a like...and nothing like US! :) (& 827...a bonus trait there!)

lauren said...

ps: if you're friends with me, that whole "crazy ladee from t'interwebz" thingie was pretty much out anyway!!! :)


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