Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Lauren

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lauren, happy birthday to you! {Bet you're glad that you can't really hear me singing - think Cameron Diaz karaoke performance in 'My Best Friend's Wedding!}

In honour of the fabulous Miss Lauren's big day I am proving you with some gratuitous Daniel Craig pictures....this was very painful...trying to choose which ones to put up that you know how many pics there are of him out there????? Anyway, I chose these two...the first for obvious reasons.... This second one just 'cause I think he looks sooooo hot with that gun....very suggestive!
Next we have the coolest pic of the divine Frank Sinatra....hope you like this one Lauren...
And finally, a hilariously funny Lolcat....hehehehe....
All of this is by way of an apology for not getting the fabulous birthday card I made posted in time to reach her for the big day.....I promise that it is on it's way via express international post, along with a few little goodies to make up for it! Blame the nasty flu for sapping my will to walk up the hill to the post office...I promise to show a pic once I know she has received it.

I hope to be back tomorrow with something in the creative department to show.....I went to the Australian Museum yesterday to see the fantastic dinosaur exhibit, so I haven't made anything this weekend...I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms!!!
Hope you all have a great day....especially the birthday girl!


June Houck said...

Oh, you are such a sweetie! Lauren is going to love this post. You are so thoughtful :)

Madonna said...

Oh HAPPY HAPPY Day Lauren. Thanks to you I get to have an EYE FEAST of Dear Daniel. Mmmnn mmnn mnnn. Well done Kris! Well done!!

lauren said...

oooh oooooh OOOOOH!!! aside from the fact that true friends *never* need to have SO made up for any imagined slight by virtue of DANIEL, (yummmmm) frank, (woohoo, pally!) and cheezburger cats (i LMAO at that one, btw)!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you my dear for a most wonderful birthday greeting!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!! :)



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