Friday, June 6, 2008


You know how I told you all about Aussie Scrapbooking yesterday, well.... they were having a comp where you had to write a post about them on your blog to be in the running to win this great Smiggles prize:

And guess who won.....ME!!! How totally cool is this prize? And even better, pink buttons and flowers that I could add to my beautiful pink Caddy!! I am so excited, not only is the site totally cool, but they're giving away stuff too!! And really, who better than to give pink stuff to than me, huh???

Have a fabulous day, I am



Nikki Bond said...

How EXCITING!!! Congrats to YOU! {SMILES}

lauren said...

well, i was gonna say that *I* would be a great person to win some PINK BLOG seems like by virtue of:

a) being australian (seeing as how it was "aussie scrap's" contest) and
b) actually ENTERING THE CONTEST have beaten me, fair and square... :)


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