Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Cards

I finally went and got some rechargable batteries for my camera yesterday and so I thought I'd show you all the gorgeous handmade cards I recieved for my birthday.
I'm sure my postman thinks I'm super popular between the birthday cards and goodies I've received and the swap that I'm
co-ordinating...he's had to stop every day for the past two weeks. The hand addressed envelopes are a dead give away that I'm not getting bills!!

Yesterday I also got a little parcel in the mail from the delightful Miss June of Simply Elegant Paper Crafts. Inside it was a "Collage Accent Kit" with so many cute little bits and pieces...I'm looking forward to making some cute cards with those flowers, ribbons and bits of lace...mmmm. But I'm afraid that will have to wait until I've finished my swaps....which I still haven't...and a few other things on my to do list....but I think some of those cute charms will be making their way onto the mini book I'm making for Mama!

Right, enough fun stuff for now, I had better get back to my 'real' job...reading copious amounts of rather boring articles and book chapters...or I'll have my supervisor after me.

Have a great day
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Nikki Bond said... did get some gorgeous cards! You are tooo funny......I bet the mailman thinks your ALWAYS popular! LOL Receiving a handmade card is by far better than getting bills!!!! {SMILES}

Anonymous said...

Wow you lucky girl! When was your birthday?

June Houck said...

Oh cool! I am so glad you got it. When I took it to the post office I had to fill out a form because they told me it would have to go through customs. Can you see customs going through a little embellies kit??? I wondered how long it would take to reach down under; apparently a week :)


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