Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to have a great birthday...

1. Eat lots more totally delicious chocolate fudge cake than is good for one person....made by me with Gran's fabbo recipe...hey I love to bake and this recipe is to die for...probably literally when you eat as much as I have....if anyone is interested in the recipe you can e-mail me and beg a little and I might send it to you Purple Smiles

2. Get phone calls from family who sing Happy Birthday really loudly...and rather off key.

3. Get heaps of gorgeous hand made cards from family members and people you've never actually met.

4. Get really cool presents from housemates even after you've told them it's not necessary...think body shop Papaya body butter and purple candles...these girls are so cool.

5. Eat more cake.

6. Take a nap....highly recommended when it's this bloody cold.

7. Intend to eat a substantial amount of your favourite pizza for dinner....followed by MORE CAKE.

8. Play with all your new stamping/paper toys that you bought yourself as a birthday present.

I've had such a nice relaxing day and it looks like getting even better....I had intending on doing some stamping today, but the weird thing is that I have this routine of doing 'real' work during the day and playing with the paper and ink at night time...when it came down to it my brain just wasn't co-operating about being creative while it was still daylight! But I know that I'll have heaps of fun with all those lovely new goodies tonight.

I wanted to show you some of the amazing cards that I received for my birthday, but the stupid camera batteries I bought on Saturday died....took about 6 pics and they're just gone! My Gran put some money in my bank account for my birthday and so instead of buying myself a gorgeous PINK handbag like I intended (yes, I do NEED a pink one) I'm going to buy some rechargeable batteries and a recharger! At least then I shouldn't have to worry about getting dodgy batteries!

I did manage to get two pictures before the camera went...the first is the astoundingly gorgeous creations I got from my incredibly talented sister, Madonna. This card is even more stunning in real life....and she even put on a hat pin from the pretties I KNOW she loves me...LOL. The art journal is for 'thoughts, ideas and general ramblings'...she even stamped the little branch at the bottom of EVERY single page!! The heart on the front is sparkly too!! I totally love Pomegranate with Basic Gray...almost as much as pink and purple....

These next two cards were made by Mama, the one on the left is from her and the one on the right from least she used purple!!!
I wish I could show you some of my new toys, but you'll just have to wait....I got so much stuff I had to totally reorganise my crafting space to fit it all in...I need a room just for this stuff...I swear it multiplies when I'm not looking!

Ok, that's it for now, hope you all have had half as much fun today as I have,



Anonymous said...

You've got some great cards there, you lucky girl. Happy Birthday!!!

Nikki Bond said...

Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you! Be thankful you couldnt hear me sing that! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Birthday Kristie! All the cards you received are stunning! {SMILES}

lauren said...

how NOT to be a FAB FRIEND: totally and completely mess up date-recognition of lovely blogger's special day!!!

how to apologize and make up for this (hopefully, anyway): write remorseful and compensatory blogpost the next day!
if that fails, then grovel like you've never grovelled before: sorry, sorry SORRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY!!! (waaah!)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you my dear and i am glad that you had a wonderful, fun and special day!!!


June Houck said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, Miss Kristie! Happy be-lated birthday, Sweetie :)


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