Thursday, July 31, 2008


Whenever I've gone to catch the bus the last few weeks, I've seen this stunning magnolia tree. It constantly astonishes me that the magnolias here are blooming right now, because in chilly Armidale where I've lived for the past few years, they don't bloom until September...from what I can remember anyway!!

I want to make a card, inspired by this beautiful tree, but I'm having a bit of a hard time working out exactly which SU colours I should use....might have to *borrow* a flower later and try it against all my card stock! {ETA: Ok, I went and picked up some petals off the ground - I couldn't bring myself to take a flower off the tree- and wouldn't you know it, with all the colours SU has, there's not one that matches perfectly! Pomegranate is the colour that comes the closest to the deep colour at the base of the petals, which then gradually fades to a creamy off-white at the tip. So, I'm suggesting Pomegranate, Pretty in Pink and Very Vanilla....but you don't have to stick with the colours....go with whatever the tree evokes for you.}

So, wanna play with me? Make a card inspired by this beautiful tree and post a link in the comments here so everyone can see.....I might even pick my favourites and post them on the blog, a la Kristina Werner, seeing as she's not doing a colour inspiration challenge this week.

I'll even give you all til Sunday to do one...come on, you know you love a challenge...right?

Have a beautiful day wherever you are


Kristy said...

Hey, working on this inspiration now! hmmm tricky

June Houck said...

Oh, I DO love a challenge. I hope I have time to participate :)

Catherine said...

okay... i'll try =)
thanks for the challenge!

Cath said...

Hi Kristie, Have posted my card on my website. 1st attempt anyway.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Kristie said...

Here's the link to Cath's card...and very nice it is too!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my link for this inspiration

Nikki Bond said...

I've finally received my new camera and was able to take a pic on my card! Thanks so much for the inspiration Kristie!!! {SMILES}


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