Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some flowers for you....

Well, they're not actually for you really, they're mine....but aren't they pretty? The little shop around the corner always has fresh flowers for sale and they had these stunning roses for only $10 on Saturday, so I bought some for myself! I love having flowers in the house, especially when it's so cold, wet and miserable outside, they really make me happy!

On to the craft.... I did have another attempt at Kazan's sketch and this time it actually turned out more like it was supposed to:
We had unrealistic fish last week and this one I like to call the 'unrealistic flower and strange bee'. I am finding that I'm really drawn to the bold brights when it's grey and miserable outside and that's what I've gone with here. The stamp set is Bloomin' with Beauty, the cardstock is Very Vanilla, Orchid Opulence and Lovely Lilac. I used watercolour paper for the flower panel. I've also used the corner rounder to make the scallops, the 1 3/8"& 1 1/4" circle punches and the scallop punch, as well as the spiral punch for the bit in the top left corner.

I think it would be cool if bees really were purple, it would make them easier to spot and I could get away faster!!!

Anyway, tonight I am going to try and do Laura's sketch for the Caarvarks challenge...but it's been cold and wet here again today and I might just go to bed and watch tv!!

Hope you have a great day...or evening,


tiggertastic said...

~Fantastic card, the image is lovely.

Sarah x

lauren said...

OOOOOOOOOOOH! well, i for one am all for "UNREALISTIC" as i believe i have mentioned. seems like CNN & the rest of the news world has "realistic" covered!!! :)

i loooooooove this card and especially that divine purple bee! i bet the bees on discworld look a bit like that...hubwards, anyhow! yeah...i'm sure nanny ogg has seen off a bee or two like that in her day... (hehehehe)

Nikki Bond said...

Ohhh darn...I thought you bought ME flowers!!! LOL! Love your flower and bee in purple! Such a wonderful color scheme...you really do make bold brights look good! {SMILES}

Stephanie said...

flowers always make my day brighter


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