Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad, bad blogger

For once it's not *Blogger* that I can blame for my lack of posting, but it's really my own slack self! Well, I'm not really that slack, I have actually been busy with *real life*...I had my six month torture session review for my PhD yesterday. Imagine being locked in a room with two professors who grill you about *exactly* what you've been doing and how you've been doing it, and then what you plan to be doing for the next six months and you'll have a pretty good idea what my afternoon was like. But as if that wasn't enough, I went afterward and got poked with lots of needles. This is normally a rather pleasant experience, contrary to what one might expect. Except for yesterday. Yesterday my doctor found a few *tender* spots in unusual places and decided that I needed about twice as many needles as usual....some of them hurt...yes I am a whiner!! But they really did hurt.

Then I practically ran {well, walked rather fast for a person that just been poked with 60 gajillion needles} over to the Mac centre in order to get to the bank before it closed....4.02pm...those slacker bank workers wouldn't let me in....seriously, what kind of a business opens at 9.30am and closes at 4pm...that's just not convenient for anyone! A further attempt to get people to deal with computers and automated phone banking instead of paying real people to serve you! Yes I know that it's always been like that but it still won't stop me complaining about it!funny-pictures-kittens-give-eachother-lessons-in-mischief

So, please forgive me for not posting any craft related eye candy....I know I'm not as cute as the kitteh above but I promise that tomorrow I will have something to show you....Kristina Werner has posted a new colour challenge today and I AM going to do, really. As soon as the pizza gets here and I gorge myself on meaty pizza and garlic bread goodness!

As a further apology for my badness, I will give you the link to the funniest site since I found Lolcats....Cake Wrecks....go, see for not consume food or beverages while perusing this site....really.



Lydia said...

hahaha! You made up for it with this post!!!

June Houck said...

I hope your day today is much better than yesterday. I've had acupuncture hurt sometimes too...I recall a tender spot on my pinky...zoweee! I hope it helps, though :)

Looking forward to your color challenge card.

lauren said...

oof! i LOVED this c-brgr the other day! :) i gotta check out the CAKE place...b/c hey...CAKE...HUMOR...sounds verrrry laurenish, dontcha think!

(ps: can so relate & sympathize re the acu-torture...BUT...we know the tender spots are the ones that really NEED it!)


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