Sunday, August 3, 2008

Completely Random Sunday

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Completely Random Sunday (CRS) #2. Today's post is brought to you by retail therapy!!

Once upon a time, way back before I went to uni, I used to work in retail. I KNOW how big a markup there is on clothing and therefore I NEVER EVER buy clothes, or shoes, at full price. It's completely ridiculous....especially when, if you wait til the sales are on, you can get things at what they're really worth! My housemate, Caren, is totally impressed with my shopping prowess and has even asked me to teach her to shop!! She told me when I got home yesterday, carrying 6 bags full of bargains, that what I accomplished in a little over 2 hours would have taken her all day! However, there are a few tricks to commando style shopping that I will share with you, before some gratuitous boasting about my bargains!

First thing, go early before the shops get the time I left to come home yesterday it was complete insanity in the Mac Centre. Secondly, don't try stuff on. By the time you get to my age you should already know what suits you, and if you have worked in retail, or just done a lot of shopping, you should be able to judge whether something will fit just by looking at it. If it doesn't fit, or looks completely shite once you get it home...well then you just return it. And the third thing, have a plan. Know what you are looking for and where you can find it! That way you don't waste time going into stores where you are not going to buy anything. For me, this means keeping clear of the more expensive stores. My student budget precludes shopping in stores where a t-shirt costs $50! That's just never going to happen!

Now, on to the boasting. While I didn't take photos of all the goodies I bought, I did want to show you these 2 tees. They cost me the grand sum of $2.99 each. No, that is not a typo. I loved them soooo much! I was standing there trying to decided whether I liked the gray, or the black better and then realised that at three bucks I could have both, so I did.

How cute are those dragonflies and butterflies? I am so going to make a card based on these later on today....I LOVE 'EM!!!!

I also bought two cardigans, one in Very Vanilla, with a hood, and the other in Basic's really long, down to above the knee, for the whopping sum of $12.95 each! I also got a $90 pair of jeans for $22.50, and a bunch of long sleeve tees for $10 each: pink, purple, gray marle, leaf green, and this cute pinkish purplish colour called Dahlia! I got a $40 hot pink cardi from Myer (fancy dept store for the foreigners) for $15, and a cute black one for $9. Oh, and I got a nice pair of Basic Gray track pants for $8.

So, why don't you leave me a comment and tell me your best shopping bargain? I love to hear about fantastic bargains...makes me feel good that the people that charge such exorbitant prices have to mark stuff down so much, and that someone gets something that they wouldn't have otherwise!

Have a great day wherever you are, and I'll be back tomorrow to show you some more papercraft stuff...until then, happy shopping!



Mad said...

SHUT UP! You really did do good!! Did you think of your sister when you saw that basic gray shirt or did't it come in elephant size?

Anonymous said...

I'll swap you a card for one of those T-shirts.*wink*


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