Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Naughty, naughty BLOGGER

Blogger is being very bad today and won't let me load up the pictures of some of the gazillion creations I have made over the last few days. I am not the only person having this problem, because some of the blogs I regularly visit have reported the same thing.

Blogger is making me very unhappy at the moment and if it doesn't get it's act together I will change over to another blog site....yes blogger people...this insurrection will not be tolerated!! How are my adoring fans supposed to get their fix if there's nothing for them to see? They don't come here for the scintillating nature of my writing!! They want to see crafty items...they want to know how I made them!!

And I have been rather productive lately...it's called avoiding reading stuff that is currently boring the heck out of me and trying desperately not to feel homesick! Craft is such good therapy for all kinds of ailments! I am particularly proud of a few of my latest creations and am dying to show them off so you can all tell me how fabulous I am....how will I ever cope without your wonderful and supportive comments to boost my faltering ego?

See what's happened already...I've gone off on a ranting tangent and if I don't stop now something dreadful is bound to occur!!

OK...will try again later to load some pictures...if it doesn't work then I'm going to get really cross and anyone who knows me IRL will tell you THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!

Have a lovely, peaceful day my friends

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