Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Saturday

Sorry I have no crafty things to show you today. I'm afraid that the weather here has been cold and wet and yesterday was the coldest day in Sydney for 12 years, which is the perfect combination for sending my back into rebellion. I just haven't been able to sit at the craft table long enough to make anything, and therefore had to resort to laying down on my toasty electric blanket and watching TV. I have lots of ideas for things to make, just not the ability to make them.

I did find the time however to visit the delightful Miss Lauren this morning (via her blog of's a long way from Sydney to NJ) and she had a very cute blog thing.

The Recipe For Kristie
3 parts Intuition
2 parts Craftiness
1 part Courage

Splash of Delight

Sip slowly on the beach

The beach sounds pretty good right about now!

Anyway, I thought that this week we would have a random Saturday and with a little luck I will have something in the craft department to show you tomorrow. Madonna is moving house this weekend and I intend to make the kids some cards and get them posted asap, so that they get mail at their new place. They love getting mail....but then so do I, as long as it's HAPPY mail and not bills!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend


1 comment:

lauren said...

HA! that is TOO COOL innit, how it TOTALLY summed up both of us PERFECTLY?! :) ♥


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