Sunday, September 28, 2008

CRS #5 - The one about the Doctor

I just came on here to say hi and I saw that my hit counter has gone past 8, 000!! Seriously, that is so exciting to me...when I first started this blog I really thought that my beloved sister would be the only one who ever read it :) Now I have so many great friends who regularly read and comment's just the coolest thing I've ever done. I actually look forward to posting my creations and seeing what other people think of them...and who doesn't love a compliment or two???
Anyway, my random post today was going to be about Dr Who....if Moogsmum is reading this she'll know I'm a geek for sure now...that must get me bonus points :) If you don't love the Dr then feel free to leave....I won't hold it against you!

Here in behind the rest of the world Australia, it is the season final of Dr Who. Those of you who have already seen this know that we were left in suspense last week with the Dr transforming as the show finished. I mean seriously people, I could see that coming a mile away...the Dr and Rose running toward one another on a street where there were Darleks everywhere...someone was bound to be shot! or rather exterminated...LOL. So, I kinda know that David Tennant is not leaving the show, so I am assuming that the Dr's daughter episode gave a hint that he has the ability to just regenerate into the same I'm betting that's what's going to happen. As for the Darleks...well we all know that just when you think you've gotten rid of them for good they come back and try to destroy the earth and all humanity, so it's a fair bet that the Dr and his fine companions will save the day, the earth and each other....though it's also a fair bet that someone will die....obviously not Captain Jack (mmmmm Jack) as he is clearly the Face of Bo in the future...thanks to Rose bringing him back to life when she looked into the heart of the Tardis. I know this has never been made explicit anywhere but the clues are all there, right?

OK, enough rambling....5 mins and counting...must go and prepare....LOL! I will be back if there are any huge surprises...but I'm generally looking forward to 45 mins of drooling over the delicious David....
BTW: If anyone knows where I can get one of these t-shirts, let me know. (Preferably the one with David inside it!!)


OK, was not expecting the two doctors thing, but thought it was kinda sweet that one Dr got to stay with Rose and that she, at least, will be happy! Not expecting the person to *die* would be Donna...though with hindsight I really should have seen that coming...Dr/Donna indeed!!! I do suspect that the Darleks, though appearing to be destroyed, will reappear in some form or another in future episodes....I mean who else can be the Dr's all time greatest enemy if they're really dead and gone???? And what else is time travel for, but to bring them face to face matter what Darlek Khan said.

I must admit to shedding a couple of tears at the look on the Dr's face at the end....I could just give him a great big squeezy hug, he looked so forlorn. But if there's one thing that's surer than the reappearance of the Darleks, it is that the Dr will find a new companion. I could do it :)

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