Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy, happy mail

Today was a very happy mail day at my house (hence the 2 happys in the title). I got a lovely thank you card from the uber talented Miss Treez for the t-shirts I sent know the cool dragonfly ones.


Isn't it just gorgeous? It's even nicer IRL. I totally adore it and it will be going on the *shelf*. I was also lucky enough to get a card from my wonderful sister Madonna too. She also sent me some of those cello bags for putting my swaps in...she's the bestest sister in the WHOLE universe, really and truly!!!


It was doubly awesome to get these fabulous cards today, because I've been working on swaps for regionals and I can't show them here or some of the girls I'd like to swap with might see them and the *surprise* be ruined. I've never gone to an SU event before and I am a bit nervous that my swaps will be up to par...I mean I've heard terrible stories from US blogs about *swap snobs*...what if someone rejects will I ever cope????

Right, hope you enjoyed the eye candy from my talented friend and sister. I'm off to have a nap...these meds are making me insanely tired and I can't cope without my afternoon Nana nap!



Robyn said...

Great cards, and how lucky are you to have such a thoughtful sister.

Cass said...

At least you are actually making swaps! I'm still so worried about whether my creations would be good enough that I have killed my mojo and haven't started!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that card got to you in super quick time!!! I'm glad you like it.


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