Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am a GEEK!!

For those of you who have come here to see crafty thing, I'm afraid you'll have to come back later...I will post something craft related later on, but for now I am attempting to prove that I DO belong in the Geek League. The delightful Moogsmum has just launched the League of Geeks and I want to make sure that I qualify for some, Moogsmum please note that my blog header and profile both mention the fact that I am a PhD student...this certainly qualifies me for geekdom, without any of the other things on your list :) Furthermore, my brother-in-law, who I happen to adore, not only has degrees in Computer programming and Engineering, but also holds a PhD in Robotics Engineering (more points). I also have lots of geeky PhD friends who study completely irrelevant and obscure topics. My PhD is on the depiction of female figures as "Mother" in the Coptic Manichaean Cosmogonic Texts...a title which I feel also deserves a number of points :) (plus I have added links so the uninitiated may discover exactly what it is I study)

I am obsessed with grammar and spelling and am often tempted to write scathing comments on other people's blogs to inform them of the error of their ways; however, I refrain. Because although I might be a grammar nut, I am not mean!....want some proof of this obsession:

This is the table right next to my computer desk. Below is the book case to the right of my desk:

Please note that it is full of completely geeky books. There are other geek type books which, unfortunately, I do not have room to display in my bedroom and are therefore packed in me on this one.

I am working on some other geeky type posts to help build my points in the League. If you have stuck with me this far and want to help me out, then please go to Moogsmum's site and leave her a comment and tell her that you think I really am a complete geek (and rather competitive to boot!)

Back later with some cards :)



Curt in Carmel said...

I'm not sure what prompted your post, but I went and explored the link, and I guess I too am a geek! I didn't really get past the video of how marbles are made because I started watching other "how things are made" videos. LOL Boy what a geek I must be! You are not alone! Best, Curt

Lesley said...

Fab post Kristie! You are bursting at the seams with geekiness and I feel your fellow geeks have a battle on their hands!

As you know from my email you are well on your way in 'The League'!

Excellent job :)

Great to see Curt has gotten well and truly sucked in too!!



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hello fellow Geek! In fact I should say Hello fellow PhD student in obscure Ancient History Geek! Sadly I didn't finish my PhD - life, money and children got in the way - but I spent 5 years studying the role of the Tribunes in the Roman Republic and if you read my latest comment on mad-girl-moogsmum's blog you will see that I even used my research in my car number-plate geeky-games!

Nice to meet you!

Lucy x

lauren said...

we are
much alike!
i sure am glad *I* am not competitive!
(that muffled laughing noise you hear is jeff LHAO...just ignore him, sweetie!)

June Houck said...

Oh, no! I am afraid to leave a comment. I may make a grammatical error :)

Laura said...

I followed your link from my are hysterical!! I am off to check out the geek link. I was afraid I would forget to come back here once I left:) Have a great day!


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