Monday, September 15, 2008

(Pretend it's still...) Completely Random Sunday #4

I don't know what was going on with blogger yesterday! And I still can't upload my prepared post from Live Writer! I am in serious need of technical assistance....if any Blogger people are reading this post (AS IF!!!)....get your act together or I'm going over to the opposition ....seriously!!! And while I'm on my rant....are any of you who get posts via Google reader having trouble viewing pictures from Blogger in the posts???? or is it just me?

Right, enough ranting, onto what I was attempting to talk about yesterday. I don't know about you guys, but I am rather obsessed at looking at pictures of other people's craft rooms and spaces. There is something about taking a peek into their world, the place where they create, that thrills me. So today I thought I'd share some pictures of the place where I create.

As some of you already know, I live in a share house with three other people. So, I study, craft, live and sleep pretty much all in one room. Since I began this card making thing back in April I've had to rearrange my space several times, just to try and fit in all of the stuff that I've managed to accumulate in that short period of time. Just last week I had to do some more rearranging to fit in the latest shipment of goodies!!! But, just for now, I'm happy with the way I have it all arranged....though I still dream of the day when I can have a whole entire room to fill up with all the crafty goodness that I covet!

So, here's the pictures....first an overview of my space. I have a long skinny room and I've arranged my desk etc at the northern end, near the big windows, to make the most of the natural light:
Tiny isn't it? This next photo shows the area to the left of my desk. On top of the blanket box (where I store out of season clothes) are most of my lovely ribbons, my way too full scrap box, and a file with cardstock arranged in colour families for easy access. Next to that is a little coffee table. Under the table I have full(ish) packets of cardstock, some random pattern papers in a file and all my packets of chipboard. On the bottom shelf there is a pile of DSP (hidden under that big white sheet of CS) and the box where I store finished cards that are not going in the mail straight away. On the top shelf is an ugly file thingy (desperately in need of altering) that holds tools, envelopes and bits and pieces that have no other home. On top of that is my beautiful embellishment box, all my embossing powders in plastic containers, and some Hanna stamps that need a new storage solution (working on that!).
This is my desk (obviously!). Here I have a lazy susan with essential tools, a basket full of adhesives and sponges, and my Stampin' Scrub. Oh, and you can see my new cutter kit for lots of distressed paper in the near future! On the shelf I have my beloved Colour Caddy full of inks and another ugly file thingy that holds markers, crayons, mat pack, crop-o-dile and lots and lots of brads, buttons, eyelets and other essential stuff. My Fiskars cutter is on top, along with more ribbon and little origami boxes that hole chipboard alphas, loose stamps and various other things that don't have any other place to go.
This is my big bookcase (minus the top shelf) that holds all my stamp sets, punches (love those!), the BIA, more chipboard, wheels, Powder Pals (with glitter permanently in the small one), and various things to be *altered*.
Finally, this is the top of the bookcase. There's a couple more stamp sets, Hodgepodge Hardware, Pretties, Primas, and jars with cotton wool and some containers of paint. On the top are all my craft magazines, as well as a couple of storage boxes with RAKs and paints. Displayed in front are some of my favourite RAKs....but I change that often. There's currently a little bit of space on that top shelf, but I'm betting that doesn't last long :)
So, I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my creative world. If you have photos of your crafting space leave me a link so I can come peek into your world......please?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I hope that Blogger gets it's act together and stops annoying me!!!



Lydia said...

OK - I'm on blogger - sometimes it just gives you an error when you try to post - its usually when they're working on it.

Your posts dont have pics in Google Reader which is a bummer, but that is probably a bad setting in your feedburner account, not blogger. Make sure your feed is set to html not text.

chloe said...


Kristy said...

OMG I am so jealous of your craft space and ALL those punches wow!! And sooo many stamp sets too!

June Houck said...

Oh, I am envious of how well stream-lined your room is. And very well organized too!

Mine is organized, but oh, there is so much schtuff. Trying to use it up, one scrap at a time :)


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