Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why I don't like Spring

Here in Australia there is an ad on tv for allergy medication that shows people walking around with a fog hanging around their head. After they take the tablet, the fog clears and they feel fantastic. Do not be fooled by this my is a big fat lie!!!! I have been walking around for the past couple of weeks with that foggy cloud around my head, inside my head, and who knows where else...'cause my brain is not working properly. No amount of allergy meds can make that fog go away. Yes I'm being a big sook...whinging away to you all when you really only come here to see the eye candy....but there is none! I sat and sat...looking at my stamps and papers and nothing happened! My brain has given in and said NO MORE!!!

Not even the gorgeous Basic Gray DP or cute as anything Impression Obsession cupcake stamps I got in the mail yesterday could help (thanks to Michelle at Stamper's Dream....check it out my friends, GORGEOUS stuff!). I think that this year is the worst I've ever experienced for allergies. I saw my doctor yesterday for my weekly dose of acupuncture (she even did my allergy points....yay for some small relief!) and she said that Sydney was a hot bed for bad allergies. There are all these flowering bushes and plants that I have never seen before and they obviously do not agree with me! Not to mention the wattle that's everywhere. For my non-Australian may think those gorgeous yellow flowers look great, but let me assure you that they are evil and will drive you insane if you have an allergy to them!

So, enough of the complaining. I just needed to vent....I wish I could say that I feel better now, but I don't!! I am going to go and make another attempt to create something. I have pretty new things to play with after all. So, I hope that I will have something to show you tomorrow....but I won't make any promises......Spring sucks!!


kay said...

Oh thank god Kristie, I thought I was the only one who couldn't function properly. Believe me the pollen down here in Adelaide is just as bad. I've been off work for two weeks with this fog, no driving! either. Hope you get better soon, my Doctor says that sticking your head in a steam of vicks will work just as well as those useless medications they are advertising on the tv.

June Houck said...

AMEN, Sister. I love autumn. Forget those evil Bradford Pear trees and their pretty (yet evil) blossoms that bloom in the spring!!!


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