Monday, November 10, 2008

A purple kind of day...

Yesterday I sat down and made a few more Christmas cards. I started off with this one, using Jen's Sketch For You To Try.I think it needs glitter....mmmmm, definitely glitter! I was wanted a kind of monochromatic look, but maybe it's too much for anyone who doesn't like purple....I think I'll send this one to my brother :) Anyway, after I had finished this one I went on and made a couple more using lots more purple...but not quite as purple as this one :) I will try to spread them out over the next few days, depending on what else I get made in the meantime. Tomorrow I should be able to show you the ginormous card I made for baby Lara, so at least you'll get a little break from Christmas for a bit.

Cardstock: Almost Amethyst, Lovely Lilac, Lavender Lace, Elegant Eggplant.
Ink: Almost Amethyst, Elegant Eggplant, Silver.
Stamps: Holiday Wishes, Gifts Galore wheel.
Other: Almost Amethyst ribbon, Elegant Eggplant ribbon, Large Star Punch, Mat pack and piercing tool, Star spiral clip.

Yesterday when I posted the awesome award I forgot that I was supposed to choose five people to pass the award, in my usual non-conformist way, I'm going to have to say that I can't choose just five people who inspire guys are all so talented!!! I'll just say to all those who read this blog... thanks for inspiring me to keep creating and posting stuff for you to look at. I really appreciate all your lovely comments too!

BTW: Leslie....Santa definitely does NOT wear a speedo!!!! Though as a child I recall asking my mum if Santa wasn't dying from the heat in that red suit :) I can't remember what she told me, something about Santa being magical and not feeling the heat! I wish that was the case for me as well! Also, we don't get snow at all here in Sydney, nor in Queensland (waaay north of here) where I grew up. But in Armidale (where I lived for the past 5 years before moving here in January), it does snow, as it's up on top of the mountains....usually in July and August. So, there's your geography lesson on Australia for the day :)

Hope your Monday is not too dreadful :)



jen del muro ( said...

kristie, this is so pretty! i love the shades of purple and your embellishments. so pretty!

Nikki Bond said...

I love the monochromatic look...your brother will be happy to receive this! As for Santa in speedos....I have to chuckle at the thought of that! Although...down here in Georgia..He could probable use some speedos! LOL {SMILES}

Holly said...

Kristie, I love this card. Purple is my favorite color and I've never thought to use it in a Christmas card before!

leslie said...

I so do not do purple without forcing myself to do so, so I admire anyone who can pull it off. ;-)

No speedo? Really?! Maybe the red suit is made from CoolMax a la LLBean? I am overheating just thinking about it! Thanks for the Geography lesson!

lauren said...

i am totally loving non-traditional colors for xmas cards this year! so i say: "bring on the purple!!!" (but know that i also ALWAYS say, "bring on the GLITTER!!!") :)

Shirley said...

Wonderful card! I really like this stamp set and what you did with it. The different shades of purple are just perfect with one anther and the star clip is wonderful with the staped one and how you mounted them both!


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