Sunday, November 23, 2008


After a busy day working {on a SATURDAY no less} I got some time last night to have a play with Beate's weekend sketch challenge. I don't know what it is about TV stations that think it's acceptable to put rubbish on weekend nights, but at least it gave me time to play :)

Anyway, I wanted to use the "Live Your Dream" set that I got at Regionals and that will be in the new Summer mini that starts on 1st December. This is what I came up with:
I had lots of fun making this one. I just played around with stamps and ink and sponges and punches...all the fun stuff, even the distressing tool on the cutter kit came out. I was rather happy with how it turned out, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Seriously, I have so many cards just sitting there that I don't know what to do with. I'm going to have to find some way of reducing the pile....start an etsy store maybe?

Now, for a whinge....what is it with people who phone up at inappropriate times? I don't mean telemarketers, though I've hung up on a few of those this week. I have a housemate who is addicted to the phone. Seriously, when she is home she is on the phone almost the whole time, she literally never shuts up! If it's not her mobile then it's the house phone. This morning one of her friends rang at 8.30am....seriously people, it's Sunday!!!!!! Then she proceeded to talk on the phone for 2 hours! And the phone is in the living room, right outside my bedroom door and all I could hear for 2 whole hours was blah, blah, blah!!!! I am so not a morning person and I was ready to go out there and rip the phone out of the wall and beat her senseless with it. Violent??? Me??? If only you knew. This is the same girl who thinks it's ok to call at 10pm at night too. I am going to have words with my housemate and some of them will not be pretty!!!!

OK, if you've made it this far then you deserve a prize :) Better just give you the supply list and go do some work, right?

CS: Very Vanilla, So Saffron, Old Olive
Stamps: Live Your Dream
Ink: Old Olive, So Saffron
Other Stuff: DSP from 'Fall Flowers', Die Cut Blooms, Rhinestone and Old Olive brads, Corner rounder, Scallop circle punch, Five Petal Flower punch, Sponge dauber, Old Olive wide grosgrain ribbon

Hoping you have a peaceful Sunday,


Lydia said...

Oh my word! I kind of want to beat her to death just reading this, I'm not gonna lie.

I hate the phone. I'm an uber connected person and love the internet and email and all that jazz, but probably because it's quiet and I can deal with it in my own time.

I want my people in front of me or in cyberspace, but not on my shoulder with my neck crooked, or screaming into their cell phones because cellies make everyone yellies.

I'm with you sister.

PS - rubbish is such an adorable word. We are on the same wavelength - I just added a scheduled post for Monday about precisely the same topic.

leslie said...

Ohh, pretty card. I love popping by your site since you are on the other side of the WORLD from me, and your references are fun - December1st = Summer Mini. ;-)

I agree with your whine about connected people being on the phone all the time. Who do they talk to? Or more importantly - what do they SAY? I could not talk that much if I tried!

Now about the timing of the calls. I have been a morning person form most of my adult life, and my body considered 7 am 'sleeping in'. Most of my friends consider 8 am the earliest they can call me. However, no one calls me after 10 pm unless someone died. Of course, I am in bed by then (except for now - I had a nap, so I am screwed), so they'd be waking me up, and I am not happy when that happens.

I'd tell your house-mate to talk in her room with the door closed, period. I am sooo glad I live alone!

Well, would you look at me 'talking' so much. ;-) I am done now.

yvonne said...

Nope, no morning person here either lol! I would suggest you get a cordless phone and make her take her calls in her own room so you can sleep! Gorgeous card, love that stamp set! xx Yvonne

Kristy said...

yep me not a morning person either!!! You should take the phone cord out the wall ghahahah and not tell her! Beautiful card too

Nikki Bond said...

I do agree calls first thing in the morning..ughhhh. There is an appropriate time for these things..common courtesy to!

On a lighter note...I do LOVE your card! The green and soft yellow together are devine! {SMILES}

June Houck said...

Your housemate obviously does not know the Rule of 9. Never call before 9 or after 9. 9am-9pm okay. I do not miss having a roommate. Not even a little bit.

Cute card :)

lauren said...

i love this card...there is NOTHING that beats "playing" with art supplies...unless it is ALSO walking away with an utterly beautiful finished product at the end!!! ♥


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