Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little comparison & an award

There was a discussion on the Elite Stampers forum this week about the best way to colour the stamps from *For Father*, so last night I did a little comparison between 3 methods to show that what method you choose depends on the kind of result you want. The first picture shows the three different methods side by side: from left to right - markers, ink and watercolour crayons.
Here's a close up view of each one, in the same order. This first one uses markers from the Earth Elements family, direct to the watercolour paper and then blended with the aquapainter.
This is ink from the lids of the inkpads, both Earth Elements and Soft Subltes applied directly with the aquapainter.
These are the Bold Brights watercolour crayons, applied by taking the colour from the crayon with the aquapainter and applied to the paper.
As you can see, the watercolour crayons give a softer, more watercoloured look, while the markers direct to the paper give the most vibrant look, with the ink in between the two.

I hope that you find this even a little bit useful. My colouring skills aren't brilliant, but practice makes perfect, right?

Finally, the delightful Kristy Young gave me this awesome award:
How awesome is that???? Now I'm supposed to nominate 8 blogs that I think deserve this award....but you all know I hate picking just a few from the hundreds of talented ladies out there. If you want some great blogs to visit, check out the sidebar. If you think you deserve this award, just go on and take it :)

OK, gotta go set up some scheduled posts for while I'm away...only 2 sleeps til I leave and see my best friend who I haven't seen since January!!! And only 4 sleeps til I see my Mama....woohooo!!!

Have a great night (or day)


Leslie Hanna said...

Wow - nice study in coloring! I have always thought the markers were too 'dark' for coloring, and I tend to go for the ink + blender pen method. I have teh WWC, but I tend to forget about them. Nice side-by-side, and thanks for doing it!

PS: I put a little something in the mail for you yesterday. ;-)

Annette said...

Thanks for the comparisons Kristie. It makes it much easier to see the differences when you place them side by side.
Love to visit your blog - it is like a ray of sunshine bursting into my study.
Keep up the great inspiration.

June Houck said...

I disagree whole-heartedly. Your water coloring skills are awesome! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Holly said...

Great comparison Kristie! It really is amazing how different each method looks in the end. Do you have a favorite?

Shirley said...

You so deserve this award, Kristie. Congratulations!

Shirley said...

Ooooooooops! I got so excited about your award I forgot to tell you your cards are all very wonderful and pretty!


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