Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A bright & happy birthday

Before I get on to the crafty stuff I just want to say a big thank you for all of your lovely comments about my darlin' Grandma.....my blog friends are just wonderful ♥

We've got lots of December babies in our family, so I had quite a few birthday cards to make. I did make a few before I left and I'll be showing you those, but I forgot to take any photos of the ones I made while I was away....duh!!!! Anyways, this is one I made for my cousin Zoe, who has her birthday just after Christmas. It makes me so glad to have my birthday in the middle of the year, cause these December babies often miss out in the frenzy of Christmas. So I made sure that I had Zoe's card done and ready to take away with me so that I could give it to her when I saw her at Christmas. Actually, we spent heaps of time together as we visited with Gran and it was so nice to catch up. Mama has gotten her into card making too and I can't wait to see some of her work.

Anyway, here's the card:
CS: Orchid Opulence, Pixie Pink
Ink: Orchid Opulence, VersaMark
Stamps: Eastern Blooms
Other: Hidden Garden Rub-ons (sentiment), white embossing powder.

Now, can you believe that there's no ribbon or bling on this card???? I actually thought that the bright colours and cut out flowers made a bold enough statement alone without adding to it....I know...I can hardly believe myself....LOL.

In other news.... yesterday I moved into a bigger room in the house that I live in....yep, another housemate has moved out and we're looking for a new one!!!! The new room is waaaaay bigger than my old one....and you know what that means? More room for craft supplies....YAY!!!!! Now I just have to get it all organised again!!! But I shall take photos once I'm finished and show you. I can't wait to get it done so I can get back to creating....I haven't made anything for a couple of weeks now and I am having some serious withdrawal symptoms :)

Hope you're having a fantastic day,


June Houck said...

The card is perfect!

A new house mate...did you get rid of the inconsiderate one?

I can't wait to see your new room :) It is fun to organise, isn't it?

Kristy said...

yay your back! I have been missing your blog posts soo much! Love the card gorgeous colours

Nikki Bond said...

A new room????!!!! Thats GREAT! I got a new room too over the holiday but I think it's sucking me dry of new ideas...I've been in a definite rut! LOVE your card! No need for ribbon or embellshments...it's gorgeous! (I changed my email recently so subscribed using new one)


lauren said...

no BLING???????????!!!!!! ok lady: WHO ARE YOU & WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH *KRISTIE*??!?!??!? :)

just kidding...it does look totally fab actually...well done you for knowin' when you are DONE!!! (if it weren't for LHJ i'd *never* know!)

ps: hooray on the new room shenanigans! do hope it was chatty cathy of the rude phone habits who has been voted outta the house! :) :) :)


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