Thursday, January 29, 2009

I made something new!!!!

I'm a bit excited that I finally made something mojo has been in hiding ever since I got home. While I'm not entirely thrilled with the result, I think it's ok.

My baby brother (Madonna's twin) is getting married next Saturday and their wedding colour is PURPLE...Shaun's favourite colour (as well as mine & our Dad's....wonder what that says about us????). I had originally planned on making a card with their initials on it....but his future wife's name is Michelle and I realised that those initials might not be quite appropriate.....think about it :)

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

I've used the flower from *Embrace Life*, stamped on Neenah Solar and coloured with Copics. The swirls and *cherish* are from the Cherished Memories rub-ons, the base is Elegant Eggplant, as is the ribbon.

I might make something different...depends on whether or not my SU! order gets here in time, before I have to send it off.

I've decided that my biggest problem with my creativity at the moment is the way I have this new room organised. In my old room I had everything within reach from my desk, but here it's all spread out along one wall. Though I have more room in here, I'm finding it harder to see what I've got without getting up from my chair...oh, maybe I'm just really lazy :)

I definitely need to be better organised...but finding the time to do it at the moment is just impossible!!! I'm thinking about making a trip to Ikea this weekend to see if I can find myself some better storage solutions...depends on how much work I can get done in the next couple of days.

Speaking of work....better get back to it.

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday,


Leslie Hanna said...

THURSDAY?! It always throws me that you are almost a full day ahead of us across the big pond!

I like your purple card! :-)

Leslie Hanna said...

Go here to find out what your favorite color says about you:

There is also a color quiz at the bottom.

Kristy said...

This card is fabulous, love the colours and the swirls, very pretty. IM so jealous, i want to go to ikea!!! I so need a craft room, my kitchen table is coping heheheh its an 8 seater and covered in craft lol.

Annette said...

Love the card. I hadn't really taken much notice of this stamp set, but your card has now put this set on my MUST HAVE list.
Keep up the great innovations.

Holly said...

Kristie, Purple is also my favorite color and I love this card! I especially like how you used so many different shades of purple! Congratulations to your brother!

June Houck said...

Your mojo is back, Girl! Lovely card, Miss Kristie.

I kwym about the room size. My craft room was in a spare bedroom, but when my girls were old enough to leave their cribs for twin beds, I traded rooms with them. My family said I could not get all my stuff in the baby room. Oh, how I love a challenge! I was able to organize by consolidating and lots of stuff in arms reach. In the big spare bedroom I constantly had to get up and walk across the room for something. No, you are not lazy. You just want to be able to create without the disruption of getting up for everything :)

Catherine said...

I'm so glad that i'm back and able to visit you here... love this card. don't care about purple but i sure do love this one :)

lauren said...

so...what?! S&M cards are *not* au courrant for australian weddings now??! :) (lol--i just crack me up!)

on the other hand THIS IS AWWWWWWWESOME!!!!!!!!!! reallllly gorgeous! they will save this forever in their wedding album!


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