Monday, April 20, 2009

Alisa’s CC 12

Madonna’s upline Alisa regularly does colour challenges on her blog, and while I don’t always have the time to participate in them, I thought I’d better do this one since I was the one who suggested it! She had this gorgeous card up on her blog using Choc Chip, Pink Pirouette and Tangerine Tango and I was surprised at how much I loved these colours together. So in my comment I suggested that it would be a great combo for one of her Colour Challenges…next thing she had it up on her blog! So the other night I sat down to have a bit of a play and this is what I came up with:


I think it’s kind of cute :) Alisa always allows a neutral as well, so I chose Very Vanilla for the base of the card and using Choc Chip ink I wheeled the trees from the Funky Forest wheel across the bottom of the card base. Then I used the branch, birdies, flowers and sentiment from Cheap Talk to make the main image panel. The flower is the only non-SU thing on there and it was a white flower that I coloured with Tangerine ink and popped a little Pretty in Pink brad in the centre. This one’s so straight forward I’m not even going to do a supply list (ie: I am way too lazy to be bother today).

So, only three more sleeps before the removalists arrive and I am so over packing it’s not funny! My room is a disaster area and for a neat freak like me it means a constant state of high anxiety. I’ve got a lot of the boxes that are already packed up moved out into the next room, but everything in my room is such a mess, with boxes and newspaper and stuff everywhere. It is driving me completely insane and I just can’t wait for it to be all over.

I’m so tired and sore from all the packing that once I’ve posted this I’m going to go lie down…that is once I clear the boxes and crap off my bed! I just need to lie there and close my eyes and pretend that I’m not living in a horrendous mess, even if it’s only for half an hour.

Hope your Monday is much neater than mine :)

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Alisa Tilsner said...

I think it's cute too :) - Goodluck with the moving, it'll all be over soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie. This is a very cute card. I am not much of an 'orange' person, but I think that the way you have put it with the Choc Chip and Pink is extremely effective. The choice of stamp set helps too.

June Houck said...

I need to remember this color combo. I like it very much!

I also love that stamp set...I used mine (once...yikes!)

Very sweet card, Kristie :) I hope you are able to get some rest amid the chaos of box towers.

Alicia said...

Packing is very stressful Kristie. The last time we moved in January I became a real stress-head. It is much better when it is all over. Get some rest and take it easy if you can. Alicia xx

Debbie Pamment said...

Your amazing - can't believe you're still stamping and posting with removalists almost at the door!!! But glad you are - this is fabulous!! Love the colour combo.

Leslie Hanna said...

GREAT color combo, ans super-sweet card! I am going to have to try these colors on The Ladies to see if they go into shock. It is so not 'me'. :-)

I know how icky packing can be, but just think of the joy and relief on the other end when you UNpack. :-)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Gorgeous card! Take a nice long nap. If I were there, I'd be helping you pack!


Kristy said...

I hate packing I feel sorry for you! Cant wait until your settled back in QLD. LOve this card BTW.

Nikki Bond said...

Those colors are gorgeous together! Love your card Kristie.. you used one of my fav sets! {SMILES}

Ramona Michaluk said...

Oooh, love this card Kristie - fabulous layout and gorgeous colours. Fantastic - you've given me some lovely ideas!!
Must get out my Tree wheel and get to work :-)

lauren said...

LOVE THIS! well hey...little and & funky...kind ME really!!! :)


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