Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drama, delays and a pretty card in blue….

I’m not sure that the subjects of my title actually have anything in common, but it becomes increasingly more difficult to come up with titles for my posts :) There has been a great deal of drama here this week with plumbing problems of the yucky kind…and do you think Mama could find a plumber to come fix it??? One guy had a message on his mobile phone saying he was booked out til after CHRISTMAS!!!! WHAT THE??? Seriously…I should have been a plumber :) Right at this moment my poor brother is up to his elbow in tree roots on his day off. Mum’s just lucky that he’s handy like that! I am in charge of drinks and food ;) I’m afraid that’s about all I’m capable of!

The delay is with finishing the craft room make over. Mama has decided rather than a DIY job on the floor, she is going to have some carpet laid. However, the guy can’t come for three weeks. I guess no one told Warwick’s tradesmen that there is a recession on. So, the walls are trims are painted, everything is ready to go in and now we just need to wait for the carpet guy. I will have updates as we progress :)

Finally on to the card. I whipped this one up yesterday, with some Bella Bleu papers, Not Quite Navy, Very Vanilla and Kraft CS and the Friends 24-7 stamp set. For once it’s all SU. Oh yeah and the ribbon is Very Vanilla taffeta.


Jethro sends his thanks for all your well wishes and lovely compliments…his head has gotten almost as big as his fat belly! For those of you who asked, Jethro’s mum was a Kelpie and his dad is *probably* a Blue Cattle Dog…but he doesn’t really look like either. And his eyes are staying blue and look adorable with his soft grey fur. He is in the *I’m a puppy and I’m going to chew everything* mode at the moment. My furry slippers are one of his favourite things to eat…whether they are on my feet or not :) Here’s a gratuitous cute puppy photo…in this shot Jethro is trying to eat his box that he sleeps in out in the sunroom where he can be close to me. He has a proper comfy dog bed in the laundry, but he sometimes likes to just hang out with me :)


Please excuse the cobwebs on his head…I’m not entirely sure where he’d been sticking his nose!

Right then, I’m off to work on the final piece for Mama’s craft room…a Kaiser OTP scrapping desk caddy…it’s painted one of the wall colours and needs to be put together and decorated…

Hope you all have a great weekend,

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Jean said...

Such a pretty card and a cute puppy - love those ears!!

We are having a new home built and I am shuddering to think of the dramas ahead of us in the next few months - talk about the challenges of life LOL!! Hope your new carpet comes sooner rather than later!!

Anonymous said...

Love this card. Love the papers you used for it. Using the scallop circle for the sentiment works well too.

We need to get in touch. Email me when you get a chance, oi??

Anonymous said...

Kristie - love the card. I have been looking at that DSP for a while and am now totally convinced that I will get it. I can't believe how quickly you are putting your Mama's craft room together. Maybe you can come and do mine next??!! Great to see that Jethro is looking as cute as ever.

June Houck said...

I am so glad you are taking lots of pics and documenting Jethro's childhood. It will make it easy when you start Jethro's scrapbbook.

Your blue card is stunning! Amid all the chaos and work, you mojo is ON :)

Leslie Hanna said...

Pretty card. I've not yet bought the 24-7 set, as it does not meet the 50% rule. I DO have that paper, though ... maybe I should open the package ...

Jethro's ears ate TOO cute. What a sweetie! Keep those puppy pics coming!

Nikki Bond said...

Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems...that really "stinks"...sorry...I had to get that bad joke in there! Love love love your card...that set is oneof my favs and the colors you chose are gorgeous! Keep those pics of you pup coming too...he is beyond adorable! {SMILES}

Holly said...

Kristie, even with all of the drama going on in your life you sound so happy. I'm glad you gave this darling little Jethro a good home. He's such a cutie!
Your card is lovely and soothing to look at! Enjoy your weekend!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

What a stunning card and that puppy is way to cute! Hope you get that plumbing done and before long you'll be enjoying that wonderful craft room!


Kristy said...

GORGEOUS card Kristie, and can't wait to see pic of the craft room sounds exciting.
Hope your having a good weekend.

lauren said...

ok, i can't help but notice that the *GORGEOUS* card has been executed in what i can only describe as a "JETHROVIAN" color scheme: dove grey...bright blue...and of course a hint of "fuzzy-slipper-white" to tie it all together!!!!!!!!! ♥FABBBBBULOUS♥!!!

Lydia said...

Your card is LOVELY - you KNEW I would love it!

But seriously?? THOSE EARS???



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