Monday, June 22, 2009

I might be rather dangerous….

….if my brain actually functioned properly and didn’t decide that at random points in time it would promptly forget everything and go on vacation! Seriously!!!! I do have something of an excuse as I haven’t been feeling well…but I didn’t realise until about 11pm last night that I hadn’t done my post for MDUC for this week. Yes my friends…the card that I had made a week early because I forgot that we had switched to fortnightly challenges didn’t get posted on the proper day as I forgot that it was Sunday!!!! I am really going to have to get a big calendar up on the wall or something.  Anyway….enough of the excuses…here it is:


This week it was a colour challenge and you have a number of different combos to choose from….guess which one I chose????

  • Pink, Brown and Cream/White
  • Orange, Brown and Cream/White
  • Blue, Brown and Cream/White

There’s not much to this card…very basic and simple really…but when you have such a cute Tilda to work with you don’t need alot!!!

I might be a bit hit and miss with regular appearances this week…over the weekend we lost a good family friend to the dreaded *C* word and I have promised to help by making little memorial booklets for the service on Thursday and I’m not really sure how much time I will have to be creative in other ways. What I should do is go and take pics of my mini book and feed you the pages one by one over the rest of the week…LOL!!!! I do hope to start sharing that tomorrow.

I hope you all have a lovely week,

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Debbie Pamment said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend - my thoughts are with you!!

On a brighter note - your card is super cute - as you say - how can you go wrong with Tilda?!?!?


Leslie Hanna said...

Fortnight? I have not heard that word in a very long time!

And my brain takes unscheduled vacations all the time, so you are in good company!

Sorry to hear about your family friend. It can be good therapy to make the little booklets.

Take it easy!


Tracey Feeger said...

LOL Don't worry - I was thinking yesterday morning when I got up that I had nothing to post on my blog as I was busy busy getting ready for my workshop but then I remembered that it was MDUC day too so I had something to post. Hehehe. Your card is brilliant. I loved all the colour combos for this challenge. Maybe I should have done a card with all three. Hmmmm that would have been a bigger challenge. LOL.

I got your beautiful card today. Will post on my blog some time today. It was a nice surprise to receive that in the mail. You are the best.

Can't wait to see your booklet.

Sally Little said...

hi Kirstie,as you journey through these very sad days know that you are carried in love and prayer by your friends, even by those of us who have not met you yet, we are thinking of you with heartfelt sympathy. I lost my little sister to the *C* word 16 weeks ago, and I know the heartache that comes with her death is intense, so my heart is with you. God bless you XX

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi Kristie
Thanks for sharing this beautiful card, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time (and also to Sally Little, who I don't know) as I too have lost love ones to this big "c".
Wow and look at Jethro he is growing so quickly.

June Houck said...

I am sorry about your friend's passing. I hope (s)he did not suffer too much!

I look forward to seeing your memorial booklets. I was just thinking yesterday that when my sole remaining grandfather passes (he is 88 and his Alzheimer's is stating to kick in more this year), I would create a little trinket box and put a chocolate covered cherry inside (his favorite.) I hope that is not too morbid for me to be thinking about...

I love your Tilda sitting on the ribbon...genius! And I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that you chose pink (ROTFLOL)).

lauren said...

oof--so sorry to hear about your friend...hope your family (& theirs) are doing ok under the circs...lovely of you to make the booklets, they will be a comfort forever i am sure!

fabulous card...fabulous challenge...just one question: *WHY* did they need the other two color scheme choices??!?!???!??! ;)


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