Friday, July 17, 2009

Pun Fun Birthdays

When Helene asked me to make her some kids birthday cards I knew just the stamps I wanted to use, at least for some of them, and that was Pun Fun. I bought it because I thought that it would be good for just this sort of thing, but until now it had never seen ink! When I first started stamping I couldn’t believe it when people said they had stamps that they had never used…I just couldn’t imagine having that many stamps! Now I am that person….strange! Anyway, back to the cards. I just picked out some DP that was bright and colourful and went for it :) I kept it pretty simple, because I know most of these cards will eventually end up in the bin…but I still had to have some embellishment!






These will soon be on their way to Helene, along with a couple of others & the Teacher’s Pet stamp set for her birthday. (she’s a teacher and I figure it’s a sneaky way to get her stamping…LOL)

Just before I go I want to share with you this adorable photo of Jethro. Yesterday I noticed that one of his ears was starting to stand up, but the other was still floppy…it looked so cute I had to take a photo:


How cute is my baby????

OK, gotta go…hope you all have a fantastic Friday :)

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Tracey Feeger said...

Gorgeous darling. I love them all. They are just perfect for kids cards. i wish I had of got that set instead of Fun and fast notes in my starter kit. No matter. Excellent job

Debbie Pamment said...

My favourite pic is of Jethro - I love the floppy ear - he looks full of mischief with that hopeful expression.
That being said I LOVE your cards too - I STILL have to get this set, I say that everytime I see it used - but worry I'm one of THOSE people too! Like those people who have soo many sets they actually SELL them!!! I NEVER thought that would be ME, but I'm getting close!!!!

Jean said...

Great cards Kristie, my favourite is the first one! Love the pic of Jethro too - bet he is one spoilt dog but then how can you not spoil doggies!!

I have posted a card on my blog using one of the images you sent me! Not the best of photos but I had fun practising my watercolouring - a long way to go to get it right!

Precioso Designs said...

All very cute Kristie, my favourite is the first one as well. I like the colour combo and the border punch, all very cute. I love the paper you used on the third card too.

Jethro does look very cute, I'll expect he'll start posing for photos soon like my boys do. He He
Paula :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what fabulous cards!!!! and jethro is just a cutie pie!


Leslie Hanna said...

I love each and every one of your cards! Maybe one day I'll mount MY set and give these a try. :-)

Jethro is soooooooo cute. I lovelovelove a dog with floppy ears.

Nikki Bond said...

These are all fabulous! You really "rocked" this set! I have it too...and havnt used it too's funny how we "have" to have a set and it can sit stale for so long! really put yours to good use though! {SMILES}

Anonymous said...

These are all so fabulous. Love the fun colors and images. Thank you for sharing.

Inky Hugs,

June Houck said...

Jethro is cuter every single day. He stayed still for a pic?! Are his eyes changing color?

Your punny cards are all adorable. Your friend will be so happy to receive so many cute Kristie cards :)

Ramona Michaluk said...

Aww, how cute ! Jethro is just gorgeous and I know what you mean about looking cute with one ear up and one down - we had a German Short-haired Pointer with the same problem as a pup and we nicknamed her 'Fruit Bat' when both her ears stood up. Love your photo!


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