Sunday, April 20, 2008

Will it ever stop raining??

Hi there everyone, well I have had a very busy weekend and have made a ton of cards (about 15 actually), however I have no pics to post here because I don't like the way they look scanned and we have hardly had more than two minutes of sunshine here in Sydney for days and days and days.....

I hope that tomorrow I can take some pictures and put them up here for you all to see. I've been making a pack of assorted cards as a present for my friend Helene (see her lovely picture below). My gorgeous upline (and sister) made some for our Gran and she loved them so much. It's a really practical gift to give someone, cause it's always good to have birthday cards on hand for when you need them, and of course handmade ones are sooooo much nicer than anything you can get in the shops (well at least I hope so in the case of my work!).

My next project is Mother's Day cards. I have a few to make because although I am not a mother myself, I really admire all my friends and family who do such a great job raising their kids - it looks like REALLY hard work to me...LOL. So, after I hand in my nasty translation assignment tomorrow I'm going to get started. If anyone has any great ideas for Mother's Day cards or gifts, please leave a comment here....all help is much appreciated.

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