Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A little weirdness to brighten your day

A few days ago I was hopping around various blogs and came across the most totally awesome blog by Lauren: ...all the GOOD blog names were taken. You can go check it out for yourself, however a word of caution... DO NOT READ THIS BLOG IF YOU HAVE A BEVERAGE IN YOUR MOUTH... otherwise said beverage may end up all over your keyboard, your screen, and who knows where else. This is one seriously funny lady :)

Tonight, while going back through old posts from last year I found a very strange post that led me to this site: "Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title" @

Go here and get yourself a new title. I like my new one even better than the idea of being Dr. Morrison! From now on I shall be known as,
Countess Kristie the Infinite of Kesslington under Ox
For some reason being Infinite totally appeals to me, not quite sure about the under Ox part, but that's just life isn't it - you gotta take the bad with the good.

Go, get your new title and send me a post or email and let me know what it is.

Thanks Lauren

Goodnight all, from:

Countess Kristie the Infinite of Kesslington under Ox (can you tell I REALLY like it?)

1 comment:

lauren said...

dearest countess kristie,

many thanks for the advice contained in paragraph one!

unfortunatley, in my case it ought to have read, "warning if you ARE lauren and you're coming across *this* post un-warned, YOU should not have a beverage in YOUR mouth, either!" but that's pretty specific, really, isn't it? ah well. this is why paper towelling comes in those BIG GIANT are pretty tough these days!!! :)

(ok seriously, all i can say is, "thank you thank you thank you" you are WAY too kind!!!)


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