Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Presentation DONE

Hi there! Well the presentation is done and apart from the fact that my PowerPoint wouldn't work due to the fact that I have Office 2007 and the laptop they were using only had 2003 and they're apparently not compatible, it went well. I kept them all entertained by saying, if I wasn't technologically challenged, here you would see a slide that has....

So, if the applause level at the end of my talk was anything to go by, I think they found it interesting. Afterwards a few of us who were just so glad it was all over went to the uni bar and had a few drinks... so no pretty pictures to show today. Everything I've done in the past few days has been for my sister's birthday pressies and I can't show them here just yet. I had intended to do some creating last night, but as the presentations were over by 4pm and I didn't actually get home til 9.30.... well you can imagine that my plans for making some more tags for the Caardvarks challenge didn't pan out. I hardly ever drink and was led astray by all those crazy Ancient Historians....honest!

Thanks for all your good luck wishes, I really appreciated them.

BTW, the other ribbon box is definitely going to be green, as that seems to be the consensus amongst my talented and generous blog friends. Probably celery... I am happy to report that the ribbons in the purple box seem very happy with their new home and are being very well behaved....the only problem is they are sitting right where I can see them all the time and keep calling out to be used in a project!

So, I'm off to finish another Coptic assignment due today (eeekkk!) and hopefully tomorrow will have time to make those tags.... the ribbons really like being on a tag and I'd hate to disappoint them!

Have a great day,


Nikki Bond said...

Yeahhhh! Congrats to you for a job well done on your presentation! I'm sure you are so glad to have it all over with! Sounds like you had fun afterwards too! LOL I can't wait to see your other ribbon box all done up. Have a GREAT day Kristie! {SMILES}

lauren said...


not that ANY OF *US* had any doubts that our marvellous girl would be FABULOUS...but i'm so glad for you that the anxiety-making wait is OVER!



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