Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Wednesday the 28th of May is my darling sister Madonna's birthday. So go on over to her blog...the link is just there on the right, and wish her a great big happy birthday. She called me today to let me know she got her card so I can show you now.

I'm waaaay too tired to write up the recipe right now, but the cake is from the retired hostess set 'Blooming with Happiness'. I love, love, love this set and made Mad sell it to me. The rest is pretty obvious: Choc Chip and Pretty in Pink, lots of glitter, ribbon and pretties. I think she liked it and even if she didn't, she'd lie and say she did, cause she's such a great sister LOL!

Have a fabulous day Mad.....with lots of CAKE!!!

Kristie xxxooo


Nikki Bond said...

This is gorgeous Kristie! I love this set too...maybe I should pull it out and dust it off! Thanks for the inspiration! {SMILES}

lauren said...

oof! ok, now i wish i had not used the uber-manic "KRISTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" line on the last post...much tho it deserved it...b/c now i feel silly doing it *again*, but i don't know how else to encapsulate the degree of awe & enthusiasm i feel towards this particular piece of AMAZIN' & DELIGHTFUL EYECANDY!


KRISTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok, see, i caved...but...it had to be done!)

(ps: my birthday is june 30th!) (no pressure!) :) :) :) :) :)


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