Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More from Mama

Sorry I didn't get back to post yesterday....unfortunately the flu can back to have another go at making me feel like I'd been run over by a bus! Don't know if it is the same one or whether I just picked up a new one at the concert on Saturday night...I guess with almost 13 000 people in one room in winter there's sure to be plenty of nasty bugs floating around....or it might have been the evil guy on the train who sneezed about 20 times without covering his mouth...yuck!

Anyway, as promised here are a few more of my Mama's creations. This first card uses MY 'Oh So Lovely' set....which she desperately tried to steal BTW!!! And it features some of her fabulous water colouring too. She's pretty good, huh? I think the CS is Rose Red and maybe Always Artichoke?? Bit hard to tell from the pic, but I really should have written the info down :( The sentiment is from 'Short and Sweet'.

This one is from 'Seaside' done in Close to Cocoa. The CS and BG shells are in Creamy Caramel, and the ribbon is (I think) a bit of retired taupe...but again not 100% sure.... The sentiment is from 'Touch of Nature'. I really love the way she did the ribbon on this one. I was a bit unsure at first but when it was finished I really liked it!
This last one uses 'Fishy Friends'. Not sure of the CS colours.... but the photo (which I took!) doesn't do it justice...it's so gorgeous in real life. The heart brad is a Paper Mill one I picked up at Riot. I took her a whole heap of embellishments to play with....in return I got to raid her enormous button jars...and I mean ENORMOUS!! I now have heaps of really cool buttons to play with...I'll take a pic later to show you.
BTW - I told her about the lovely compliments Nikki and Lauren left for her and she was thrilled! And a little freaked out that people on the other side of the world can see what she's been doing and that you liked it! I just have to get her to get broadband and then teach her how to do a blog of her own....there'd be no stopping her then!

Still don't have a pic of the green ribbon box...it needs some more embellishment, but my poor flu riddled brain just can't think what! So, I'll try and get it finished soon so you can see it.

That's it for now....there are still a couple of more Mama cards that I'll get posted in the next few days. I'm off to have a lie down before I go and get some acupuncture later...hopefully that might make me feel well enough to finish all the projects that are sitting on my desk half done and I can have something I made to show you tomorrow.

I might also post a picture that my 4yr old nephew Thomas took of Madonna and I together.....do you want to see what I look like?

Have a great day

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lauren said...

oh wow! you're mama is going to town with the gorgeous card-stamping! holy moly...i can certainly tell you that MY first half-dozen cards did not look one gazillionth as cool as hers!

(ps: YES! mama should *totally* get her own blog...and when TOM can read, he ought to have one, as well! oh yeah and as for the picture: YES!!! your public longs to see ya!!!) :)


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