Wednesday, June 25, 2008

RAK from Tom and cards for the kids

When I was staying with Madonna last week my 4 year old nephew Tom and I had a very interesting conversation....
Tom: What's your favourite colour?
Kristie: Purple. What's your favourite colour Tom?
Tom: Blue....and red.
Kristie: Wow Tom, that's so cool. Did you know that if you mix red and blue you make purple.
At this point Tom's face totally lights up and he got really excited...
Tom: That's so cool, we're the same!

Stay with me here, there's a point to this....
Today when I went out to the mail box, there was an envelope for me and this was what was inside:

Yep, Tommy made me this very cool card....please note that the ants, worms and dragonfly are in purple...cause Auntie Kristie loves purple, he told his mother! How cool is that. He stamped it himself and even wrote his own name. He is the sweetest, most gorgeous kid and I love him to bits. I told him that I would make a special card for him when I got home and so he decided that he should make one for me too. This marvelous work of art will be getting scrapbooked tonight to be treasured forever and ever!

I did ask him if he wanted to me to make him a red and blue card...he said yes, but with purple spots! Eeeekkk....don't freak out, but this is what I came up with:Notice how great minds think alike....we both choose the 'Bugs and Kisses' set for each other....Tom knows I love bugs!!!! I used Real Red, Brilliant Blue and Elegant Eggplant. The circles were punched out with the 1 3/8" punch and (badly) outlined with a multi coloured glitter glue pen that I found at the art store. Not much else to it, but I'm pretty sure Tom will love it...he is 4!!!!

Of course I can't send Tom a card without sending one to his sisters as well. This next one is for 6 year old Katelin. She loves pink and purple, so I used Pixie Pink, Pink Passion, and Orchid Opulence. The stamp Set is the retired 'Merci'. The ribbons came from my amazing Smiggle prize (see post below), as did the little pink flower. The glittery flowers were done with purple Kindyglintz. Very girly huh?

I haven't quite finished the one for Lexi, so I'll put that up tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day,



June Houck said...

Your card for Tom is perfect! He is sure to love it. Katelin too...what's not to like when pink is involved, kwim?

Looking forward to tomorrow's card. You are a super sweet aunt :)

lauren said...

holy moly is there ANYONE un-talented in the morrison/dunn clan??! clearly NOT! i can't decide which buggy card i love the most...ok, actually...i mebbe CAN decide...(sorry aunt kristie) but tom's card with the line of purple aunts...i mean ANTS onnit...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! that is absolutley awesome!

(ps: tell tom i know a very nice 4-year-old american girl who is single!!! i think he and niece madeline might hit it off! :)


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