Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2008 Officially declared best birthday ever

Yesterday when I got home there was a parcel in my mailbox.....I knew immediately, without even looking at the return address, who it was from....the pink birdie was a dead give away: was from the fabulous Miss Lauren. Inside this glorious parcel...well, if any of you went to the Caardvarks site after my post yesterday and looked at the design team cards for Kazan's sketch you may recognise it:
Isn't it beautiful...and even more so in real life let me tell you!!! I was definitely doing the happy very own Lauren creation and one that I had admired immensely only two days ago...and now it's taking pride of place on the little window sill above my desk where I can give it suitable admiration all day long!
But that was not the only thing in my parcel....there was also some bubble wrap...or should I say BUBLE WRAP.....
Those of you who have been visiting me for a while will know that I am madly in love with Michael Buble...and to find him "lovingly protecting" my goodies was almost too much for me to bear :) So, I VERY carefully unwrapped the parcel to find a cornucopia of goodness inside. First up there was the ribbon....check out that zebra stripe would ya....AWESOMEThen, there was the bundle of vintage goodies....including some very cool cards that will soon find their way into some collage style creations that I have wanted to experiment with:

Then there was buttons.....I love buttons almost as much as I love ribbon...and check out the cute little sticker on the packet.....very Aussie:
I must confess that there was also chocolate....Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares with caramel filling....I say was because it is now gone.....and it was totally delicious....mmmmm caramel.....

So, I feel like I've had weeks of celebrating my birthday. I've been thoroughly spoilt with beautiful hand made cards and lovely pressies.....I didn't even show you the way cool snake bracelet my Mama got for me....I think she was trying to prevent me getting the snake tattoo that I've been talking about...but it's gorgeous....another weird trait you should know about me - I love snakes....yes, not very girly of me, but they are just so cool, and feel really nice when you touch their skin!

OK, that's probably enough waffling on and bragging about how spoilt I've been. I'm going to go have a nice lie down with an awesome book I got yesterday...VAMPIRES...woohooo!
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something to show a card that actually sticks to the sketch!!!! LOL
Have a great day,

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lauren said...

#1: you are SO VERY VERY WELCOME!!! i am just happy that you enjoyed your prezzies b/c you TOTALLY deserve an amazing birthday and a wonderful year!!!

#2: what book about vampires?! i LOVE books about vampires! i just finished 2, actually: "bloodsucking fiends" by christopher moore (comedy/romance/action) and "greywalker" by kat richardson (suspense/mystery) and both were really REALLY good!

#3: we have found the first SERIOUS way in which we are totally different--legless reptiles!!! i am UNBELIEVABLY phobic on that subject. i don't even like to say (or type!) the *word*!!! (& even now i am kind of pulling my feet up onto the rungs of my desk chair...just in case...WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!)

#4: this turned out to be a really REALLY long comment, even for me! it probably shoulda been an email, dontcha think?! yeah, me too. pity 'bout that. maybe next time! :) :) :)


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