Saturday, October 4, 2008

How very ironic!

Happy World Card Making Day my cyber friends!

Where is the irony in that?.... well I have spent the past few hours shopping for the bits for a new computer, along with my personal *IT experts*. Apparently if you want something GOOD you don't just go to an electronics store and buy any old thing off the shelf. No, no, no! You get your very own IT experts to build you one from scratch! It's cheaper and will be better than anything you can buy for the same price that's ready to go. Of course if you don't have your very own IT experts then you have a problem.

Luckily for me {remember people...Ancient Historian=Luddite}, I have my own experts who work very cheap...for baked goods and handmade cards in fact! So, as I type they are building me a computer that will make the current one look like a shabby 4-cylinder car in comparison to my new souped up V-8 model.

However, this means that instead of making cards today I shall be busy backing up all of the essential things on this computer just in case. And then tomorrow I shall be computer-less for the day while they transfer all of the stuff on this one over to the new one. I will be able to indulge in a card making frenzy though, as I won't have the ever present attractions of my Google reader calling to me :)

So, the irony is that it's WCMD and I have no cards I can show you and won't be able to show you anything until Monday (hopefully). But I hope you all have a wonderful time and when I am back online I will have my belated WCMD items for your view pleasure.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Nikki Bond said...

I'm with you on this one....I have some cards in reserve but no new cards made on "Card Day" Oh well......I'll shoot for making some today! {SMILES}

lauren said...

so it's not "LIKE RAY-AY-AINNNNNNN on yer wedding day" then??!

(since the mid 1990's every time i hear the word "ironic" i have to pause and mentally slap alanis morrissette. sorry about that!)

CONGRATS on the new fabby wizzy box of bells & whistles and god bless all who sail in her!!!!!! ♥


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