Saturday, October 18, 2008

I *may* need to recant..... statement about Pumpkin Pie!!! I know, it's a bit radical, but it's all Treez's fault! She is so talented and clever {and just a tiny little bit evil}, because she sent me a PP card that arrived at my house yesterday. It is so stunningly beautiful, even with the PP, that I *may* just have to say that I like PP.....but only when done by my fabulous friend Miss Treez!See what I could any sane person say they don't like PP when they have this stunning creation before them...and it's even more beautiful IRL. So Treez, you made me like PP! {maybe it helps that there's a tiny bit of purple there too :) }

I have also been the recipient of a few other RAKs the past couple of weeks. This next one is by my lovely customer and friend Yasamin. She's a bit of a newbie to the whole card making thing...but she has great taste in glitter :)
Lastly, but certainly not least is this monochromatic beauty, made by none other than my awesomely talented and super nice sister, Madonna. I admired this enormously when she posted it on her blog, and I was thrilled when it turned up in my mailbox this week :) How clever is my baby sister???? Even more she made this using limited supplies as her brand new craft room is in the process of being constructed and she's been working in a corner of her room!!!
So there you go. There are a couple more floating around here somewhere too...but my room looks like a small cyclone went through it and I'm going to have to stop procrastinating and do some cleaning up! The problem is I've been seriously addicted to the TV show True Blood....any of my American friends watching this one? I've been hooked and I'm thinking that on my trip to the bookstore next week I may have to search out the novels that this show is based on! I love a good VAMPIRE story :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend,


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd love the PP card. Notice I kept the Pink/purple card for myself LOL. BTW you do realise that the PP card was my favourite. Good luck with your assignments.

Catherine said...

those are gorgeous RAK's :)

Carol Dunstan said...

oooh, that Pumpkin card is very striking! And you know what I think about True Blood ;)

lauren said...

holy moly i think that miss treez may JUST have converted me, as well! (HOLY MOLY that is the nicest orange thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!!) :)

and lucky you receiving two OTHER such fabby greetings! (i loved those birdie ones of madonna's, as well!)


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