Sunday, October 12, 2008

I WON!!!!

Yep....I won the first Midnight Madness challenge and this is my gorgeous trophy. Paula is going to be putting up a new challenge later on today, so you should go on over and check it out....I'll be playing again and you really don't want me to win all the time, now do you?

I've edited the post to note that the sketch I used was from Jen del Muro, 4th October. I forgot to add it yesterday in my hurry to post the card before the deadline! So, sorry if you thought I was THAT talented....LOL...I had the colours and the sketch, there wasn't really much for me to have to think up on my own :)

On to other things..... My lovely and hilariously funny friend Lydia at Understand Blue has the most gorgeous t-shirts for sale. Check these out:
And this is the one that I ordered yesterday! How cute is that?
Now I just need the *Stamping makes you smart* & *Stamping makes you thin* ones and I'll be all set! You should go have a look, she has other funny ones too. And not only that, she has her very own LOLCATS resident in the house....the antics of Splotchy and Maddie are sure to keep you entertained in between checking out her fabulous creations...not only is she funny, but talented too....seriously unfair ;)

OK, I'm going to go have a play with my stamps. I've got a busy week this week with uni stuff, so I'm not sure how much time I'll get to play, so I best make the most of my Sunday. Hope yours has lots of fun stuff in it.



Nikki Bond said...

I knew you had a winner Kristie!!! CONGRATS!! Whooo hooo..u go girl! LOL Love love love those t-shirts too! What a hoot! I have to have one! Thanks for sharing! {SMILES}

lauren said...

WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO & WAHEY--congrats, girlfriend, on a well-deserved win with that fantabulous turquoise xmas confection!!!


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