Friday, October 10, 2008

More Christmas Cards...

I'm really churning through these Christmas cards....I think only a few more and I'll have enough! I've actually loaded these pictures round the wrong way and blogger is being difficult about moving them about, so you'll have to bear with me.

This first card was actually inspired by the second one. I've used my new favourite Christmas set, Holiday Wishes. I kept thinking that the tree would look really nice embossed in gold on Night of Navy cardstock, so I went with it. After I made the card that is second in this post, I decided to amp it up a bit and add some you do when you're addicted to ribbon, buttons and flowers :)

I embossed the tree and sentiment in gold on the Navy CS and after rounding the corners, I distressed the edges with some gold ink. I then mounted that onto some Gold CS that I distressed with the Cutter kit and popped it onto a Ruby Red base. I dyed some white grosgrain narrow ribbon with gold ink....because with ALL the ribbon I have, there was NO GOLD...I know, I'll have to remedy that!!! I used a Prima flower that matches the Ruby Red almost perfectly and a RR button. The blue flower originally started out as a creamy colour, but I coloured it with a B39, Prussian Blue Copic marker...a perfect match for the Navy!!! The Linen thread through the button was also coloured with the gold ink...but it's kinda hard to tell.
I really liked how it turned out. A little different from the *normal* Christmas colours, but in real life it's very pretty!

This second card is the one that I did first. I'd been thinking about a no layer card for easy mass production if I needed it, but something that would still look nice. It's a bit plain for my taste, but I think it's alright :)
I made a scored border 1cm in from the edges using a metal ruler and my bone folder tip, then just stamped the tree and embossed in gold. Here's a better view of the scoring:
If anyone has any good tips on how to stop the CS buckling when you heat it up, please let me know. This card spent the night under my massive pile of DSP to try and flatten it back out again, which did help a little.

On another note, it was my lovely PSF June's birthday earlier this week! I made her an awesome card last night, but I won't show it until I know she has it...don't want to spoil the surprise! So, go on over to her blog and wish her a big happy birthday...she really is one of the loveliest people I've *met* in the blogging world and deserves lots of birthday cheer!!!

OK then, back to work for me! I hope you all have a marvellous's lovely here, sunny and warm and it seems such a shame to be stuck inside working, so I hope you all get to do something more fun :)



Nikki Bond said...

This is gorgeous! I love those "nontraditional Christmas cards"! I make alot myself. Personally...I think red and green don't go well this card is right up my alley! Love the gold embossed...gorgeous! {SMILES}

lauren said...

i love the second sentence of this post: "THE FIRST CARD IS INSPIRED BY THE SECOND ONE"!!! (which of course DID turn out to make sense, but at first i was convinced you had made SCHROEDINGER'S XMAS CARDS!!) :)

PS: as far as i know there's NO way to stop said could emboss the trees on a separate rectangular panel which could be affixed *INSIDE* the scored sector of the'd be just as easy to mass-produce...AND could potentially add another texture or color into said design! (not that i don't like it AS IS, i hasten to say! just trying to avoid the warpiness!)


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