Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rain Days, Dancing Skeletons & Cockatoos

I have a real mixed bag for you all today. First up, I got some new Hanna stamps in the mail yesterday....I am soooo addicted to these stamps, they are all just too cute. I had to have this Rain Days set for a couple of reasons....the first one is that it's just gorgeous, and the second is...well it's a bit of a secret, but I'm sure you guys won't tell anyone...right? The thing is that wherever I go, it rains! It's a well known fact amongst my friends and family....weird, I know, but it's true. If I plan on doing some activity that involves being outdoors, it will almost always rain. My mum swears that the drought that had been ravaging the country only got really bad in my hometown after I left, and the other day my best friend begged me to go back to Armidale for a visit because her water tank was almost empty and she says that it's hardly rained at all since I left!!! As I can't go for a visit just yet, I thought that I'd make this card to send her in the hope that it brings her some much needed rain...I've stamped the image on Neenah Solar White in Memento ink and coloured it with my Copics in various shades of purple....if anyone knows where I can get some cute purple rain gear like this, then let me know!!! I've mounted the image on Perfect Plum and rounded off the corners. The card base is Pale Plum and the sentiment is stamped in Perfect Plum. A bit of Elegant Eggplant ribbon finished it off. I coloured the puddle with some Cool Shadow (BG10) and Cool Grey No 1 and then covered it with Crystal Effects to make it all shiny...unfortunately that doesn't show up too well in the photo!

I figure Helene will know this is meant to be me bringing her some much needed rain....even though this Hanna is much blonder than I's the purple outfit that counts!!!

In other news, I have won a couple of Blog candy prizes lately and one of them arrived in the mail this morning. I won this hilarious dancing skeletons stamp from Susan at MyEyeQ. I just wanted to show you all....I LOVE IT!!! Even though we don't really do the Halloween thing here in Australia, this stamp just appeals to my wacky sense of humour! So, look out for some strange creations with this one in the near future:
Finally, seeing as you enjoyed the Kookaburra yesterday I thought you might like another peak into my backyard wildlife. Yesterday afternoon there were about 20 Cockatoos feasting on grass seeds out in the back yard. So I grabbed the camera and took a few photos...unfortunately they weren't cooperative enough to gather altogether so I could get a good photo, but here's 3 of them:
OK, that's it for today. I got a couple of Christmasy Hanna stamps in that order yesterday, so I might have something to show you from those tomorrow....but Heroes starts back on TV tonight, so there's no guarantees that there will be anything at all to show!!!

Have a great day


kay koufalakis said...

Nice card Kristie, you've almost converted me to purple. Please come and visit us, our garden could really use some rain.

June Houck said...

Nice job coloring Hanna! I enjoyed your story about the rain. I hope you make it to the USA soon; Virginia in particular :)

wendy said...

I love that card!! It's too cute. I have never used Copics - too rich for my blood! They seem amazing, though, and everyone raves about them. One day, perhaps!

lauren said...

oh WOW you have wild cockatoos?!?!?!!!! how cool is that?! :)

(which is not to say that i don't LOVE your hanna card...particularly the coloring of it...which is AMAZING!)


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