Tuesday, November 4, 2008


...for not having anything card like to show you. I hope you'll accept these flowers as my apology :) Actually, I bought them for myself last weekend as a little treat and they were gorgeous....until the 37C day on Friday, after which they rapidly deteriorated!

The reason I have nothing in the way of cards to show you is because I've been busy preparing for a meeting that I had with my supervisors today....I needed to be well prepared to convince them that my radical new theory is not completely insane and deserves further looking into. So, it went well and they're going to keep giving me money to study...seriously the best job in the universe!!!!

So, I don't normally talk much about my studies here on the blog, basically because it's incredibly boring for anyone who's not completely fascinated by ancient religion....but this LOLcat that I found a while back seemed rather appropriate today....
See, I study Manichaeism, which is a dualistic religion....they believed that in the very beginning existed Light and Darkness and that the time in which we live is a battle between the two (kinda simplified, but you get the drift). When I saw this pic I totally cracked up, because it sort of sums up Manichaeism in a way....well if you have a warped and twisted sense of humour anyway :)

The other big news of the day is that tomorrow is the day slated for the arrival of my new little niece or nephew....and in celebration Madonna is giving away some BLOG CANDY!!!! All you need to do is go on over and guess the gender and weight of the new arrival and the person that gets the gender right and closest to the actual weight will win! I have made my guess....but I'm thinking she probably won't give me the prize if I'm right, so you've got a good chance of winning...what are you waiting for?????



leslie (the crooked stamper) said...

Congrats on getting more moolah! So what does one do with a degree in Manichaeism?

June Houck said...

My guess for Mad is a little girl, 7 lbs 2 oz.

lauren said...

"HA!!!!!!!!!!" and also, "HOOOOOOORAY!!!" (mebbe you can put that pic on the cover of your official dissertation...it'd really make it stand out, dontcha think??!)

(seriously, congrats, dearie--that is FANNNNNN-frickin-TASTIC!!!)


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