Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Candy

Hi there...told you I'd be back today with some lovely blog candy :) Unfortunately something weird is going on and I can't load pictures....aaaahhhhhh. I'll try again later or probably more likely tomorrow.

But I can tell you that there is some yummy stuff in this giveaway. Basic Grey 6x6 papers from Eva, Sugared and even some of my beloved Bittersweet....see how much I love you all ;) There is also primas and ribbon and a few random embellishments...even some rub-ons.

So, what do you have to do to win this awesome goodness???? Well, the thing is that I've been trying to come up with a fun name for my blog...calling it Kristie Morrison was only ever meant to be a temporary measure,until I could think of something else....but I have tried a few times and just can't do it. It probably comes from having written so many essays with boring *The role of female figures in Manichaean cosmogonical texts*....LOL!

So, to be in the running for the CANDY all you have to do is suggest a new name for my blog. The more names you give me, the more times you get an entry. The winner will be chosen randomly, but that might not be the name that I choose to that making sense???? I just want it to be if you give me 3 suggestions, you get 3 entries in the random candy drawing. You will also get an extra entry if you include a creative reason why you picked that name. The person who suggests the name I pick for my new blog name will get a little something too (if they're not the winner of the big(ish) giveaway).

So put your thinking caps on.....the entries will close NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT and the winner announced on Sunday. Anyone, anywhere can enter. You can leave your suggestions in the comments or if you don't want people taking your brilliant ideas for themselves (LOL) you can send me an email.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with,


Madonna said...

oooh can even I enter heaps of times with names? Even silly ones?? Because i can think of *heaps* of silly ones!! :-) LOL. Ask Miss Treez. She's a legend at names! Now how about suggestion one: "The Twisted Grapes"? And it's so NOT random! LMAO

Leslie Hanna said...

LOL! I LIKE "Kristie Morrison"! Hmmm, lemme think ... Oh, and DO NOT SEND ME CANDY. I DO NOT WANT MORE STUFF! So if you pick my name out of your random hat, throw it away and pick another one, k? Okay, okay, how about "Kristie's Oz-mazing"? Yeah, I won't win with THAT one! LOL! Okay, gonna go get myself some caffeine and try to snap out of it.

Holly said...

Well it's a little early for me to come up with something great, but for now I'm thinking "Kristie's Kreations"
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Madonna. I think Therese is on the fritz!!! LOL I'm not too keen on K.Inky Fingers!!!! How about the Scatterisms? HAHA I have no idea where that came from. I will have to go away and think about it.

June Houck said... about a play on your initials, KM? Like Kreatively Mine (paper crafts and altered art by Kristie Morrison.)

That's my first entry :)

Kristy said...

KM designs......yeah pretty um not very creative hey lol, will have to go brain storm lol.

Oma said...

I just had a peak at your blog and I think you should call it Kristie's Krafty Kreations.

maiahs_momma said... are the names that I came up with for your blog:

~Kristie Krafty Krops
~Kristie's Krafty room
~Kristie Kreative Touches
~Kristie's Crafty spot
~Kraft This!
~Just Kraft it!
~Sweet Lil' Somethings


lauren said...

well actually, i quite liked, !!!!! no??!?! (it'd be unique AND memorable...and you'd get to **keep** the fabulicious blog candy, since technically it WAS your idea!!!) ;) ok, ok, i am makin' with the other suggestions:

1. KRISTIE-anity
(technically this is me stealing from you AGAIN, remembering your comment about what your "blog followers" would be called!!!)

2. crafty life, the paper universe, and everything ♥kristie♥
(ok, having stolen copiously from yerself, i'm moving on to stealing from douglas!)

3. kristie morrison: antipodean crafting goddess
(less snappy...but MORE ACCURATE, eh?!) (seriously, i think it's realllllllly smart to have your name in your title; it makes you easy to find & remember...just my 2 cents there!)

4. less is MORRISON: one woman's clean and simple cardmakin' goodness
(except you're not as minimalist lately...hmmmm...)

ok, that's all i've got at the moment...will probably check in again later if/when my brain kicks in properly!

good luck with the search! xoxo

Nancy said...

I love your blog
how about
-Kristie Keeps Krafting!

just an idea!


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