Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have you seen my creativity????

I seem to have misplaced it and now I just can't find it! Maybe it's just hard to be creative when you don't feel so great? Anyway, tonight I WILL stamp....I'm just going to force myself to do it, even if what I make comes out crap! Plus I almost forgot that it is my lovely niece Abby's birthday on Saturday and I still haven't made her a card! So that's first on the list...she won't get it til next week, but she's only 2 and I don't think she'll mind too much :)

My lovely landlady Anastasia took me shopping on Tuesday....I've needed a filing cabinet to store all my *work* articles (there are about 100 of them!) so that the ever growing piles didn't fall on top of me and wipe me out. Anastasia had seen one on the weekend when she was out...a two drawer cabinet for only $50!!!! So off we went to have a look and I picked that up....well not literally, cause it would have killed my back...but you know what I mean. It took 2 hours to put the stupid thing together and about another 4 hours to fill it I remember why I stopped doing office work...I totally hate filing...LOL!

While we were out we decided to go to IKEA to have a look for some new curtains....I picked up some lovely bleached cotton tab top curtains for my room...they're brilliant! They let in heaps of light, but you can't see through them. They've made my room look much bigger and very light and them! Anyway, when you go to Ikea you cannot just buy one thing ;) I also picked up some lovely plants and white ceramic pots for them to go in....wanna see????

Now I will have flowers in my room all the time and hopefully they won't die and need replacing...LOL. I also picked up this mini chest of drawers (put it together myself too!).
It's really cute and will be awesome for storing away bits and pieces. When I saw it in the store I thought that the drawer fronts would look cute covered in DP....then I got home and measured it to find that it's about 3cm too wide!!! (just over 1"). So now I'm not sure what to do with it....any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

Finally, I thought I'd show you the finished alterations to the ribbon box. It's painted the same colour as the other altered things, the butterflies on top are from RW Laser Cuts, the big wooden flower is Kaiser, the pink flower is Prima and in the middle is one of the cute pink rhinestone brads that Madonna sent me. The little sparkly flowers all over are from Kaiser as well. You can't see very clearly, but the butterflies have tiny little pink rhinestones down the centre of their bodies too.
Well, this turned into a long post!!!! Better stop procrastinating and go make some cards...hopefully tomorrow I'll have something *crafty* to show you. I'd better or you all might stop coming by to see me ;)



Kay said...

How about creating a border on each side using matching paper or ribbon or paint (which you could then use rubon's on). Hope you are feeling better, I'm with you about the creating bug leaving when you aren't well, I've had whooping cough for 2 weeks now - I didn't know you should get reimmunised as an adult! Why don't they tell us that!

Precioso Designs said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Kristie. Love the plant and the mini chest.


P.S Wont stop popping by :)

Leslie Hanna said...

Well you know what MY answer will be: ribbon! (Kay beat me to it.) Especially wide ribbon that matches the paper. And ti does not even need to be in the center, or on one end. ;-)

And you HAVE been creative, just not with cards. It'll come back to you ... just give it time.

One of these days you will have to take a photo of your completed room so we can see the whole thing! I'll bet it is really sweet.

June Houck said...

Your creativity is in tact. Your room is even lovlier with your new window treatments and plants. Your ribbon box is so pretty! I can't wait to see what you do with the mini chest.

Anonymous said...

What a about a white wash to match the rest of your decor? If that is too boring paint them, add your paper and use the paint as a border. Or patchwork paper, use square inch pieces and do a brick work design on the drawers.
Hope those help


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