Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo Tag

The lovely Paula tagged me for the Photo tag that's been doing the rounds....you know the one where you go to the 6th folder and show the 6th photo and talk about it. So, lucky for you guys it's a pretty cute pic!This is my adorable niece, Abby, taken in my room at Mama's house after she'd put on all of Aunty Kristie's jewlery. This is the day when I taught her to say *Bling is good*....LOL! She was soooo cute, going around telling everyone *Abby's lovely*. And how about that hair???? Isn't it the most gorgeous hair ever? She's going to be turning 2 later this month...which reminds me I'd better get working on a card and present for her :)

My doctor is finally back from her holidays, so I'm off to get poked with lots of needles!

Hope you have a wonderful day,


Anonymous said...

Love the photo! Do you have to tag someone else for this?
Guess what I have two awards for you over at my blog!!! I think you deserve them..lol Just because you are ultra clever and fantastic...Ahem...now that I have finished sucking up, can you come over and check them out?!

June Houck said...

She looks like a baby doll. Someone should make a doll in her likeness, dontcha think? Love those ringlet curls!!!

Holly said...

Adorable photo! Teaching her to say "bling is good!" LOL!


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