Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As you can see (if you're not just reading this in Google reader or by email subscription) I changed the name of my blog....well, at least in the header anyway! I took on board the suggestions that leaving my name as the blog title makes it easier to find...plus I didn't want to go through all the hassle of actually changing the name. So, what do you think?

I loved Lauren's plagiarization of one of our favourite authors, Douglas Adams, to come up with this title. I've also used some of my newly acquired digi skills to make the header itself....I'm really rather proud of myself there :) The digi papers and brushes that I used are all freebies that I've gotten from various places. While alot of digital scrapbooking stuff is very inexpensive, if you look around you will find tons of free stuff as well....some of it is really very good! I'm impressed with the people that have the skills to create these things...and maybe in another 5 years or so I might get to that level....LOL!!!!

OK, onto 52Q....

I've completed quite a few of the questions now and thought that today I would show you my *cover* page and the first question....

These *pages* are 7cm x 10.5 cm....perfect for my cute little tag box. I haven't used too many dimensional elements as I realised that if I get too carried away then I won't fit them all in the box :) The other thing that I want to mention here is that some of the answers to the questions posed are rather personal...and I'm not sure that I'm completely comfortable putting so much of myself *out there* for people to read....so I might not always show the back side of the tags....but for Q1 I've decided to show it (even though it isn't exactly spectacular!).

Just a quick run down of some of the supplies I've used....Bittersweet DP, Thickers & Primas for the front page. The Q1 page has a photo of Sydney that I sourced from a tourist website....I probably should keep better track of where I've gotten things from, but you can find a million photos just like this on any tourist site promoting Sydney. I've also been using my new Dymo label maker with different coloured tapes....you'll be seeing alot of it in the coming pages!

OK....enough procrastination! I better go do some work. Hope you have a great day, whatever you're doing :)


June Houck said...

Gorgeous cover! And a great first page too :)

Leslie Hanna said...

LOVE the new header! Very nice!

And ... I admire you for taking on the 52Q... I opted out - it's all I can do to get DRESSED every morning! And that sharing thing? I think we ALL have a chunk of ourselves that should be not-public, so do not apologize! This is a YOU project, about you, and more importantly FOR you. But feel free to show us some of the pretty artsy stuff, k? :-)

Kristy said...

Wow this looks great Kristie and thanks for sharing some of your 52Q.
Kristy xo

lauren said...

i have a number of WOOHOO's for you regarding this post:

WOOHOO 1: i looooooooooooooove the new banner, super-cool, super-digi, super-douglassy!!! :)

WOOHOO 2: i am WAY diggin' your 52Q's so far...AWESOME cover, AWESOME card #1...AWESOME answer!

WOOHOO 3: on not necessarily *posting* all one's 52Q answers; i am often on the fence about stuff like that; so far i've shown all my 52Q's...and paper adventure i think there were only a few that i didn't...but i like to feel like it'd be ok to take the option of NOT doing so!

♥yeah, you rock, & you know it!♥


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