Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog Candy Winner, DT Call & 52Q

Just a super quick post today to let you all know that the winner of the Blog Candy was LAUREN!!! She did have 4 entries, so it's not so surprising really....and no, it wasn't rigged ;)

I'll get that into the post for you sometime this week Miss Lauren...I hope you enjoy all the goodies!

In other news....Nicole has announced the DT call for her new stamp company, Inky Impressions. You can find out all the details here if you're interested in applying. I have been trying to come up with a couple of WOW samples to apply...but why is it when you need your Mojo the most it seems to desert you?????

I've also been working on starting my 52Q Art Journal project. This is being run by Aussie expat Emily Falconbridge and you can see the info here....just go to the 52Q section in the sidebar on the right. Instead of making a mini book, I'm using this Kaiser OTP Tag Box to keep all my question & answer tags in....Cute huh? This way I can make them as 3D as I want and not worry about a mini book that's never going to close properly :)

I'm starting late and have NINE questions to do....I have started though and will share them over the next week or so.

OK, so much for a quick post!!!! Catch you all tomorrow :)



June Houck said...

Adorable box! I admire you for making these fabulous decorative containers to beautify your craft room. Where do you find the time?

I know the naming contest was not rigged...Lauren's suggestions had my laughing so hard. She truly is the most creative person (you and I should co-chair her fan club!) My only question is WHICH title did you choose? Less is Morrison? Did you pick more than one?

lauren said...

oof! i won?!? coooooooooool! that is awesome! ta v much, oh generous and soon-to-be-renamed blogging one!!!

Leslie Hanna said...

What is that strange thing under your lovely pink box? Is that ... table space? A flat surface not covered by something? I have not seen anythin glike it in such a very ling time, I almost did not recognize it.

So you doubt my abilities in the Scrap effort, huh? Yeah, me, too ....

peata said...

sweet little pink box.


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