Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time to go…

Well almost anyway! I am finally all packed, except my computer (LOL) and ready for the removalists to arrive tomorrow. I am starting to get excited about seeing everyone. I was just talking to Mad’s little Lexi on the phone…talk about CUTE! She told me that I could sleep in her bed…not sure if she meant I could share or what??? She’s so adorable with her little girl voice and when she tells me that she loves me, well my heart just melts :)

I thought that instead of showing you a card today I’d share some pictures I took last week of some of the statues that are dotted around the University grounds, seeing as it will be a while before I see them again. Some of them are really awesome and some…well I’m not exactly sure what they are, but they look pretty cool.




This last one is my favourite. It’s absolutely massive..though I’ve never quite figured out what it’s meant to represent, I just like the rounded lines and the spheres inside one another.

OK, better go set up a couple of posts for while I’m off-line and finish a few last minute bits and pieces. Then I’m going to sit and relax with some *Criminal Minds*….anyone else out there like this show? I’m totally fascinated with the profiling and the serial killers…not sure what that says about me!

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Leslie Hanna said...

Pretty grounds. I am excited for you and your move! Let us know when you get settled!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Kristie. Have a safe trip. Catch up soon.

June Houck said...

I am a bit dim when it comes to interpretation of art; but like you, the sphere is my favorite.

I don't know about Criminal Minds, but I do like shows like that AS LONG AS THEY ARE FICTION. If it is real, I get REALLY bothers me to know someone suffered such a fate.

I look forward to your internet comeback :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Glad to hear your packing is done and you'll soon be on your way. These pictures are great. I, too, like that last one. It reminds me of the world wrapped in God's arms. Thanks so much for sharing. It was great and a nice change.

I like Criminal Minds. We watch it every week. I would hate to have a job like that in real life, but it sure is interesting how they "solve their puzzles."


Kay said...

Hope everything goes well with your move Kristie.
word ver is ok but sometimes I have to get my glasses to read it!
I am also a fan of criminal minds, and ncis but don't like csi, I find them quite interesting. Last night's didn't hold my attention though, I was reading at the same time and the book was too good!

lauren said...

KEWL STATCHOOS, missus!!! i like that last one best, also it's obviously the world being devoured by a giant sea monster from outer space. (duh) there's a lesson there for us all! :) :) :)


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