Friday, May 29, 2009

It’s CASEd…

Mama bought a stamping magazine the other week and as she was going through it she looked at one of the cards in there and commented that it wouldn’t be hard to make that….so I did:


I should go and find the magazine, but I have no idea where it is….everything is such a turmoil with the craft room makeover I don’t even know where to start looking :) The colours are not very good in this picture, it’s Not Quite Navy, Rose Red, Kiwi Kiss and Whisper White. The blossoms and sentiment are from Artfully Asian, but I can’t remember which butterfly I used. The Hodgepodge hardware is Antique Brass and the ribbon is the lovely Kiwi/Vanilla double sided satin.

This was a really quick card to do actually…probably helped that I was just copying a picture, but I think it turned out quite pretty.

Speaking about the craft room mess…I have a sneak peak of the corner of the room just after the carpet was laid yesterday:


Here you can see the wall colours and the carpet. The room is at the front of the house which faces North, so it gets a lot of lovely sunshine and is very bright and airy.

Finally a quick Jethro photo :) Here he is playing silly dog games with Mama’s dog (the Pokey Little Puppy):


They have completely ruined that toy…but it doesn’t stop them playing with it! Sometimes I think Pokey should really be called *Destructo Dog*…he is incredibly good and tearing stuff to little pieces :)

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m glad it’s Friday…even though I really don’t need a weekend as such, I always feel more relaxed on Saturdays than other days :) Hope you all have a great weekend,

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June Houck said...

Interesting that I have never used these pieces of hardware, and you and I used them on the SAME day! BTW, I love the way you added the knotted ribbon on your card...I must remember that.

CASEd or not, this is a lovely Kristie creation :)

Leslie Hanna said...

I love using my HPH that way! It is so easy, and of course it is yet another way to get ribbon onto a card. ;-)

Nice CASE! CASEing is soooo good.

And that pup! OMG he is a cutie! Looks like he and Destructo-pup get along just fine!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Kristie! The card is gorgeous! I love the distressing. I absolutely love the color of the craft room walls! How fun. And thanks for sharing the puppy pics. They sure do look like they are having tons of fun! Lucky dogs! LOL.


kay said...

Hi Kristie, long time, that butterfly looks like the one out of Natural Beauty. Love the colours of your walls, can't wait to see the new room, I'm going to be so jealous, I have to live with off white walls, cos hubby is colour blind and green looks like orange etc, so it isn't worth it. Love reading about Jethro, and specially love his name. and really love all the colours in your card.

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi Kristie
Great cards, but I also love hearing what Jethro is getting up too, he is soooo cute.

Holly said...

Kristie this card looks fabulous! I love how you colored the butterfly. Can't wait to see the whole room, and that little Jethro looks like he's feeling right at home now!

Bec said...

How adorable are those puppies.. Big Hugs for them from me.. Bec xx

lauren said...

omg--fabulous, FABULOUS, fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbulous card! case, schmase--it takes loads of talent to be able to multi-color stamp and pull all those elements and things together. SO AWESOME!!! ♥

(ps: jethro & destructo dog would like me to tell you that they have NOT *ruined* that is just gettin' GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!) :)


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