Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I really need to pick up some new rechargeable batteries for my camera…these ones are loosing their charge very quickly and taking forever to recharge! That’s why I had to wait til this morning to share my Jethro pics with you. There’s actually only two that aren’t completely blurry and horrible…that dog finds it very hard to stand still at the best of times, but bring out the camera and he’s jumping around like a lunatic!

The first picture is an absolute miracle in itself…I clicked at just the right time to catch him standing still, staring at Pokey Puppy. Half a second later he had bounded off to see what Pokey was doing…but at least I got my shot!



This one is Jethro about to try and get up on my lap…yes, he still thinks he’s a baby who should get lovely lap snuggles…problem is he just doesn’t fit!!!! You can see that his eyes are still blue…I think they’re going to stay that colour. And did you notice just how HUGE his feet are now??? They were NOT like that when I got him!!! I found out yesterday that his mother had TEN puppies…half of them with Jethro’s colouring and the other half were black. I’m glad I got Jethro…he’s so pretty…LOL!

And very quickly, before I go, this is the reason I can’t show you photos of the craft room….my stuff is everywhere!!!!!



Just keeping it real…..LOL!!! Really, as soon as I tidy up a bit I will take photos to share. I’m just in the middle of 6 different projects and have stuff everywhere (see the owl Leslie?) The truth is that if I picked up all MY stuff and put it somewhere else (I need a *Other Room* of my own…lol) then the room would be completely presentable. So I shall try and do that this afternoon…it might be a nice surprise for Mama to come home to a clean and tidy craft room :)

I’ll be back later with my Mojo Monday card…as soon as I find it in all that mess and take a photo :)

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Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, Jethro is aDORable!!!! I just want to hug him! I think you should get a spot to sit where he can cuddle up next to you and put his head in your lap. He does nap, right?

And your craft spot is so NEAT and TIDY! How DO you do it?!?!?! :-) I , myself, cannot work in a pristine space - NO MOJO!!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with that owl. {hehe}

Debbie Pamment said...

Such cute pics of Jethro - can just imagine how many you have all blurry - he looks like a livewire - LOL

If you think YOUR craft room is BAD there is NO WAY I'll be showing off MINE - LOL. My room is commonly known as "The Disaster Zone" - to be said in a BIG BOOMING voice - LOL

Kristy Young said...

Gorgeous Kristie, and you should see my craft desk at the moment eek.
Kristy xo

MadonnaDunn said...

MaMa thinks a clean room would be heaven!!!! mwahahahahaaaaa

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Jethro has such an adorable face!
Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Holly said...

Oh I love that second photo; he looks like he's smiling at you! You know what big feet mean don't you? He's gonna be a big dog!
Your craft room might be a mess right now, but you'll have fun going through it and getting it all straightened out.

June Houck said...

He is so handsome! He is very much to do :)

I can't wait to see the cleaned up craft room...when you are finished, maybe you could fly here and help me figure out what to do with my mess? You have your choice of two bedrooms; would you like a twin with a trundle or an antique double bed??? You (and Jethro) can stay as long as you like :)

I got a beautiful hand made card in the mail yesterday all the way from Australia...full of fun images for me to color. I love the BG brads on that card and the cute image. I remember when you posted it on your blog I thought, "boy, I'd like to see that in person!" Yea me!!!

Nikki Bond said...

OMGOSH! Jethro is tooo cute for words! I could just eat him up! I bet he's a great cuddler!....

If you think your craft room is should see mine...I can barely walk in there...and my desk has hardly any clean room on it for creating! I'm a mess! LOL


lauren said...

OMG!!! that is *SURELY* the cutest puppy in the entire southern hemisphere!!!!!!!!! when he's even bigger will he be exponentially *CUTER* do we think?! hard to imagine, but yeah, probably! ♥♥♥


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