Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We apologise for this delay in scheduled programming…

My camera batteries are D.E.A.D.!!! I am currently waiting for them to re-charge. I haven’t forgotten my promise of Jethro photos. Yesterday I had to go shopping for supplies, as Mama has left for a couple of days in Brisbane with Madonna and her family. I am dog-sitting :) When I got home I was very sore and just wasn’t up to sitting at the computer :(

So, as soon as the batteries are charged and I can download the photos of Jethro I will post them here for June and Leslie…and of course anyone else who is interested in seeing the monster he has turned into.

In the meantime I thought I would show you a few more pages from the *Dream* mini book. I plan on finishing the last page I have to do later on today…after I do the Mojo Monday sketch :)






You can see that every single page is completely different…but somehow they all fit together. It’s hard to see that just from the individual photos, so when it’s finished and put together I’ll try and get a picture that captures that strange cohesion.

Til later,

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Bec said...

These are really pretty.. Bec xx

June Houck said...

TFS...I love inspirational quotes :) I have a little journal where I used to collect and write them down.

I look forward to your MM card, Jethro, the last page of this cool little book, and a pic of the assembled book!


Leslie Hanna said...

I'm loving these pages! What patience you have ... I have a short attention span and have trouble with projects like these. ;-)

Jethro! Jethro! Jethro!

Holly said...

Hi Kristie. I can tell that you've enjoyed putting this little dream booklet together. I love the quotations and little embellishments you've used.
Can't wait to see the new Jethro pics!

lauren said...

ooooooooooooooh! that is GORGEOUS! i especially love the SHAPE of it...and the quotes, obviously...and the way you've embellished the pages...

(woulda been quicker and more accurate to just say, "I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT" but i've typed the other bit now & i'm NOT erasin' it!!!) :)


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