Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday I did not turn my computer on ALL day!!! It began because the painters had part of a trestle coming in through the door and taking up the space where my desk chair usually is. So after going shopping with Mama for about an hour, I came home and settled onto my bed to read until the painters had finished. The funny thing is that the book I was reading was so good that I had to keep going…I needed to find out what happened!!! So much so that I finally finished reading at 12.30am…that is one heck of a story!!!!

I can’t tell you how much I really enjoyed being unplugged for the day. I haven’t been reading much since I’ve been home….a delayed reaction to 6 years of reading all the time for study…when I stopped I just didn’t want to read anything…not even for fun! But yesterday cured me of that. It was so lovely to be completely absorbed into the story, to be taken to a world so different from my own and thrown into the action, to be so taken over by the story & so very attached to the characters that I was sad when the story ended…I wanted more!

So, why am I telling you all this??? Well, it’s because I haven’t created anything for days…I’m not sure where my mojo went, but I suspect that it was taking a few well deserved vacation days :) I’ve coloured a few images, but when it came to making a card…nada! So today I’m going to show you the final thing that I made for Mama’s new craft room…I only finished it last week because we were looking for the perfect trim to finish it off and Mama found it while she was on holidays at the Sunshine Coast with a friend…and it was absolutely perfect. So, what is this mystery item? A cork board…but not just any old cork board…


S6302279 Close up of the lovely rose trim.

S6302281This last pic shows where it’s hanging in the room…and it looks great. It started off as a $5 cork board from the Reject Shop (discount type store for my US readers), very plain and boring. But some primer & pink wall colour brightened up the frame & the fabric came from Mama’s quilting stash and was just attached with spray adhesive.

So for under $10 Mama now has a gorgeous cork board to display her cards (or whatever) in the craft room. Plus it only took about an hour altogether to make it (not including drying time for the paint)…so you can see that it’s so easy to make a cork board that matches your room without spending much at all. I have plans for an even larger version in my craft room when I get my own place…I even have the fabric all picked out ;)

And just quickly before I go back to reading another book….here’s a kind of blurry photo of Jethro…I am holding him down because he wouldn’t hold still for the camera (it looks bad!). The reason is that he went sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong and ended up with paint all over himself…


He looks so silly :)


This one is just for the expression on his face…*OMG, are you taking MORE photos?????* LOL!

OK, gotta go read some more…hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

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Holly said...

Kristie, what a tease you are! You've got to tell us the name of this fantastic book!

Leslie Hanna said...

I love being unplugged! Some days all I do is make cards - no tv, no 'puter. Nice and quiet and I revel in the silence.

I get sucked into books at night when I get into bed. I like to read a few pages to forget about real life, but sometimes I read of HOURS! Mornings in my life are tough!

Cute cork board! Pink, of course! :-)

Nikki Bond said...

Gorgeous board Kristie! Love it! You are so right...reading is awesome....I love the relax with a nice novel and the peace and quiet...I can't wait till school starts so the quiet can begin! {SMILES}

kay said...

Hi Kristie, we are two of a kind, I've also rediscovered reading, must be winter! and haven't crafted in two weeks.
I too would love to know the name of this fantastic book.

June Houck said...

You are so good at recycling items into beautiful decor! Beautifully done, Kristie.

Jethro is getting so big!!!


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