Monday, July 21, 2008

Totally non-craft related post

The last time I posted a lolcats pic referring to Schrodinger's cat Lauren asked me what an Ancient Historian was doing messing around with quantum mechanics. I thought that I would clarify the issue by stating that my BA is in Studies in Religion and I did a bunch of Philosophy units...just for fun. Yes, I am warped and twisted. The Schrodinger's cat thing is a "thought experiment", and as such is discussed in Philosophy when you study what constitutes knowledge, how do we know what we know....and consequently encounter quantum superposition and quantum decoherence. For those of you who haven't been completely freaked out by the random weirdness of this post and are interested in the details of the thought experiment you can find them here.

Anyway, I saw this one this morning and laughed til I cried....told you I was weird...right?

Hope to be back later with something craft related to show you...until then, have a fantastic day :)


Carol Dunstan said...

don't worry, I find it highly amusing too.

OK, maybe that's just more cause for concern!

Anonymous said...

So, I just get home from work and I see this. I'm needing a brain stretch but now's the wrong time.LOL. I'll get back to those links later tonight. Thanks. BTW You've got me checking out the lolcats now too. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I've just gone back and saw the pic. Hahahahahaha.

lauren said...

HA!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know i came over her this morning specifically to leave you a link to this LOLCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just in case you hadn't seen it over the weekend!) :) i think this MIGHT be my fave schroedinger one, actually!


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